ISSUE No 14-05 7th. February 2014 

In this Issue:

  1. John Moyle Field Day contest weekend.
  2. Only two weeks to go!!
  3. Radio Amateur access to 50 to 51 MHz in NZ.
  4. Broke & fixed.
  5. Reminders.

1. John Moyle Field Day contest weekend.

I know we are all concentrating on getting ready for the Wyong Field day at the moment but there’s  another important Field Day event coming up on the 15th. & 16th. of March where you might like to join in and have some (operating) fun. The John Moyle Field Day contest. Please contact the clubs contest manager, Doug VK2MDC if you want to be in the contest team.


2. Only two weeks to go!!

If you don’t know what I am referring to, you don’t deserve to be a member of the club! It’s the CCARC Field Day at Wyong in JUST TWO WEEKS!

Make sure you are available both on Saturday 22nd (site set-up) and early to late on Sunday 23rd. to make sure we make this Wyong Field Day the best one yet.

We’ve ordered sunny weather, so don’t forget your sun hat, sun screen and keep out of the sun as much as you can and hydrate (that’s water, not fizzy drinks or beer). – Oh yes and given the reliability of the weather forecasters, better bring full wet gear as well as the Field Day goes ahead “rain hail or shine”!

Please be prepared and willing to help when asked, that way the workload is spread and everyone has a chance to enjoy some of the event.


3. Radio Amateur access to 50 to 51 MHz in NZ.

The NZ Ministry recently updated radio spectrum licence number 4122 to allow Radio Amateur Operators in NZ to operate in the 50 to 51 MHz band without applying to RSM for special permission.

Radio Amateur Operators can now operate in this band anywhere in New Zealand in accordance with the terms, conditions and restrictions of their licence.

So it’s time to point those 20 element 6m Yagi antennas down towards NZ when putting out your SSB CQ calls at the bottom of the 6m band!

Thanks to SouthgateARC for this update.

4. Broke & fixed.

Nothing to report this week, everything running smoothly.

5. Reminders.

This section lists important announcements and possibly items from previous CCARC NEWS editions that are still current and may need your input:

If anyone is still interested in “Analogue Photography” – i.e. using a film camera, not a digital one – please contact me (Ed VK2JI) as I have a Konica FS1 35mm camera and several “rather nice” lenses that are looking for a good home (no cost involved).

Another important meeting at the club rooms this Saturday:

13:00 – 14:00 WICEN CNC bi-monthly business meeting.

Don’t miss TX factor – The UK based Amateur Radio TV Channel starting on the 21st. of February – here’s their trailer:

Anyone reading this on the website who is not yet a member of the CCARC, please consider joining by emailing ccarc at for full details.

For submissions to this newsletter from CCARC club members please email the editor news-editor at

For what’s coming up in the next few months at the CCARC, please check the club calendar, accessible from the header on any page on the website.

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