The June Lecture will be held on Saturday 20th June 2015, commencing at 1300 hours.

LECTURE on ‘Making Lots of Noise’  by Vic Barker, VK2BTV

 This lecture describes a DIY wide band noise generator.



The following presentations from Lectures given at the CCARC at Kariong are available for download.


September 2013 – “Summits on the Air (SOTA)” by Ed VK2JI

Download Summits on the Air (SOTA)


October 2013 – “EMR Awareness” by Karen VK2AKB

Download EMR Awareness


November 2013 – “Electro-magnetic compatibility” by Brian VK2GCE

Download  Electro-magnetic compatibility


March 2014  – “DX Television” by Bruce VK2ZAD

Download DX Television


June 2014 – “Electricity in the Home” by Bruce VK2ZAD

Download Electricity in the Home


July 2014 – “Soldering Electronic circuits” by Bruce VK2ZAD

Download Soldering Electronic Circuits


September 2014 – “Safety with Electrics” by Bruce VK2ZAD

Download Safety with Electrics


May 2015 – “Intro to Oscillators” by Brian VK2GCE

Download Intro to Oscillators


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