The next Lecture will be held on Saturday 15th September 2018, commencing at 1300 hours.

How the GPS System Works” by Dave Horsfall  VK2KFU


The following presentations from Lectures given at the CCARC at Kariong are available for download.


September 2013 – “Summits on the Air (SOTA)” by Ed VK2JI

Download Summits on the Air (SOTA)


October 2013 – “EMR Awareness” by Karen VK2AKB

Download EMR Awareness


November 2013 – “Electro-magnetic compatibility” by Brian VK2GCE

Download  Electro-magnetic compatibility


March 2014  – “DX Television” by Bruce VK2ZAD

Download DX Television


June 2014 – “Electricity in the Home” by Bruce VK2ZAD

Download Electricity in the Home


July 2014 – “Soldering Electronic circuits” by Bruce VK2ZAD

Download Soldering Electronic Circuits


September 2014 – “Safety with Electrics” by Bruce VK2ZAD

Download Safety with Electrics


May 2015 – “Intro to Oscillators” by Brian VK2GCE

Download Intro to Oscillators


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