P25 Repeater

P25 Repeater

The P25 Repeater is currently connected to a worldwide system that incorporates 4 Reflectors using software written by Jonathan (G4KLX) we are hoping that in the not to distant future it will be expanded even more and onto the existing P25NX network.
Users will require a DMR-ID that is currently being distributed by the DMR-MARC group and can be obtained by logging onto this site, http://dmr-marc.net near the top right of the page you will see “Register-ID” then at the bottom of that page you will see “User Registration”. Once you have entered all your details you will receive an email from the team in approx 24-48 hours with your DMR ID, this ID will be in the form of 505xxxx, the 505 is for Australia, the next number will be for the state, so 2 for NSW, 3 for Victoria etc, then the next 3 numbers will be your unique ID. This ID is linked to your callsign and is now used for DMR, P25 and ircddb (Dstar) or ccs number. Your DMR ID number will need to be added into your radio and will be sent with every transmission.
The following Talkgroups are being used on our current reflector system and is running in parallel with the TG’s used by the P25NX system to make it easier when we integrate systems in the future.
TG10100 is the WorldWide Reflector
TG10200 is the North America Reflector
TG10300 is the European Reflector
TG10400 is the Pacific Reflector
TG9999 is Disconnect
TG10 is the P25 Parrot
TG1 is for local repeater use (this is unique to VK2RAG and VK2RHK repeaters only and may be changed or removed at a later time,) 
When changing from one reflector to another or to the Parrot or local TG, you will need to use TG9999 first to disconnect from whatever reflector the repeater is currently connected to. 
Any further information required about this system or the MMDVMHost system currently running on VK2RAG, please email Ian directly on vk2rag at vk2hk.com and make the subject line “MMDVM on VK2RAG”

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