WICEN is the emergency communications side of Amateur Radio in Australia.

WICEN CNC is the Central Coast branch of WICEN.

While not part of the CCARC, WICEN CNC uses the CCARC club rooms at Kariong for their  meetings and many members of the CCARC are also members of WICEN CNC.

For details of WICEN meetings (every 2 months) – check the CCARC club calendar.

As well as providing emergency communications support (either in a primary – critical information, or a support role – to reduce the load on the emergency services networks) in the time of disaster such as floods, fire or earthquake WICEN CNC also supports local community and sports associations with safety communications in areas where other communications (such as cellular phones) are not available. Without this support from WICEN CNC those events would either have to spend a lot of money installing and running temporary commercial communications or would not be able to run their event. WICEN CNC directly supports the St Albans one day and Shazada horse trials each year. WICEN CNC also supports other WICEN branches and the WICEN NSW state organisation in supply of communications capabilities to the Great North Walk and the Hawkesbury Classic canoe race each year.

For the national WICEN website, go to: WICEN

For the WICEN NSW website, go to: WICEN


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