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99 tickets left

99 tickets left

If you’re having shack problems I feel bad for you son… we’ve got 99 tickets left that could be won!

8 Days in and we’re almost out!

This has been really popular and no doubt several are excited to see how this drawer goes!

If you haven’t purchased yours yet, you may miss out!

The Central Coast Amateur Radio Club is proud to host a series of short online raffles and provide amateurs across the nation a chance to participate and win one of Icom’s most revolutionary products made in recent years.

Also included in the package is the DX Commander Classic Vertical Antenna kit, covering the 80M through to 6M HF Bands. This is an incredibly versatile antenna system with a rock-solid reputation throughout the amateur radio community.

Tickets are priced at $5 each, 3 tickets for $15, 5 tickets for $25, 10 tickets for $50
Now is your opportunity to build your dream HF radio setup. Will you be the lucky winner in the last series of the CCARC raffles.

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