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A new world record on 630 meters ?

A new world record on 630 meters ?

SARL News report that Eric Tichansky, NO3M and Roger Crofts, VK4YB, are claiming a new world distance record on 630 meters (472 to 479 kHz). They worked each other on 14 October at 10:32 UTC using the JT9 mode.

Eric said the contact represented the culmination of 2 years of effort around every equinox since September 2017. “Hopes were wearing thin as we were moving away from the recent equinox on 23 September,” he said.

“Even when the path may have been open over the past 3 weeks, either end would be plagued with QRN.” He said that while the opening that facilitated the record-breaking contact was not comparably as strong as past openings, “something special was obviously at play.”

The contact covered 14979 kilometres, topping the previous record of 13441 kilometres set by Roger Crofts, VK4YB and Kenneth Roberson, K5DNL, by nearly 1538 kilometres.

Eric said his transmit antenna is a 20,5 meter top-loaded vertical and the receive antenna is a full-sized eight-circle array comprised of short verticals. The transmit/receive at VK4YB is a linear-loaded vertical.

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