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The following speakers have generously offered their time to give these presentations at the 2020 Wyong Field Day.

NOTE: Further details will be updated as they become available.

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Lecture Room 1    Grandstand Level 2, south end, Magic Millions Room

Bragg Resonators and Parametric Amplifiers

Harry Kreicers

09:00 – 10:00

Tube Radio                    

Ray Robinson, VK2NO

10:00 – 11:00


ARC-60 (or A.R.C. TYPE-12)

The company, Aircraft Radio Corporation (Boonton, New Jersey, USA) designed the original COMMAND set in the 1930s. These radios were used in World War 2 by the US Navy, US Army Air Force, and after the war in many commercial and private aircraft, including Civil Aviation in Australia. The post war development of these same radios, was called the Type-12 series of radios, which was later adopted by the military as the AN/ARC-60 series. These were the same as the COMMAND sets, but were painted a grey wrinkle colour and intended for VHF operation. They were used in the Korean war.

Space Weather and its Effects on Modern technologies and Human Beings

Rakesh Panwar

11:00 – 12:00

“Rakesh will be giving a seminar about ‘Space Weather and its effects on Modern Technologies and Human Beings’.

His colleague Dr Zahra Bouya will join him and talk about the Space Weather website an how we can make better use of it.

This will be followed by a discussion and request for feedback as to possible service improvements.

Topics :

Solar wind/flares/storms/cycle,coronal mass ejections and coronal holes.

Space Weather effects: geomagnetic and ionospheric storms/disturbances and their effects

SWS products and services”

Transmission Lines and Terminations

Brian Clarke, VK2GCE

12:00 – 13:15


Brian Clarke, VK2GCE, will will provide Information on the Physics, the Legal, Biological,  as well the Implications of using higher Power.  Guidelines for connecting your TX to Antenna safely will be covered. Band, Propagation, modes and Antenna Gain will be touched upon.

Higher power in Amateur Radio


Lecture Room 2   Ground floor, Public Bistro

Weak Signal Group

Roger Harrison, VK2ZRH

10:00 – 11:00


Roger Harrison, VK2ZRH, and the Weak Signal Group will convene to discuss VHF-UHF activities and above along with associated topical and emerging issues.

Meet and Greet Famous Yachting

Jeanne Socrates, VE0JS

11:00 – 11:30


Jeanne is the oldest person to sail solo nonstop unassisted eastabout around the world. She is also the first woman to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world from North America. Jeanne is eager to meet other hams that she made contact with on her journeys.

Livestream (a first for Wyong!!)- Fun with QRP

Peter Parker, VK3YE

11:30 – 12:30+


Peter will conduct a livestream in which there will be discussion and demonstration on equipment and detailing how to go about having fun with QRP. He will touch on antennas, power supplies and transceivers and he will follow up with and Q & A session.

Do you have content that you think would be good to present?

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WFD team.

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