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AMC Callsign Lookup Facility Now Live

AMC Callsign Lookup Facility Now Live

Date : 06 / 01 / 2020
Author : WIA
Today, Monday Jan 6th 2020 the Australian Maritime College (AMC) released news that they have “gone live” to the public with their new Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup facility.

The service is available by clicking the following Link

This is a very welcomed addition to the examinations and other services now provided by AMC after the transition from the WIA in February earlier this year.

To comply with the ACMA deed, WIA were obligated to remove their successful long running Callsign database facility from the public domain. This unfortunately has left quite a void in the ability to easily search and locate available callsigns for use by new and upgrading amateur radio operators.

Previously the only easy way to search for potentially available callsigns for Amateur Radio is to utilize VKSpectra.com which is still a stop gap solution, a search engine developed by Megan Woods VK3TIN after a request from Volunteer Examiners Australia (VEA) who were finding many of their successful Amateur Radio Examination candidates were having extreme difficulty in locating valid callsigns to submit as recommendations to AMC for issue.

VKSpectra.com will still be operating for a short while, for around 1 month after Jan 6th, to enable the many current users of VKSpectra to transition across to the new AMC Callsign Database platform.

Now released, the new AMC public online search facility will enable visitors to find all available callsigns listed for issue, Foundation, Standard, Advanced , Repeaters, Special calls etc. (some callsigns may be excluded and reserved for a variety of reasons. ie: Silent Key, inappropriate, etc)

We expect the AMC assessors will welcome and appreciate the new search facility also for their successful candidates. Please give it try, search for you own or a friends callsign, maybe even search for that new callsign you will need after your upgrade or just to see what the new AMC Callsign database can offer.

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