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Christmas Party 2018

Saturday, the 8th of December saw CCARC and WICEN members come together at the Kariong Clubrooms for their annual Christmas party. Everyone had a great time celebrating Christmas together and discussing the year’s events. Myles and Jaye spoke about what happened at the CCARC in 2018 and touched on some club plans going forward. The…
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News 09.12.2018

Don’t forget the Wyong Field Day organised by the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club next year; held on the last Sunday in February at Wyong Racecourse, it is the biggest hamfest in the Southern Hemisphere, and will be on the 24th February.  As usual, there will be a swag of lectures,and there will be further…
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News 02.12.2018

There will be a combined CCARC/WICEN Christmas luncheon this Saturday 8th December, at 11am for 12 noon, and is free to members (BYOG and soft drinks); this will be followed by the regular WICEN meeting at 2pm, so it’s best to stay clear-headed.  Please RSVP to Karen VK2AKB by email to “vk2akb@wia.org.au” by this Wednesday…
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News 25.11.2018

Last week’s technical lecture was on the Multi Mode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM) by Ian VK2HK and Lindsay VK2AMV, complete with a live demonstration; it appears that digital radio could well be the way of the future.  No meeting of the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club is complete without pikelets with jam and cream lovingly…
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St Albans One Day Ride

October 2018 saw participating CCARC and WICEN members attend the St Albans One Day Ride event. This event runs horses through 10, 20 and 40-kilometre tracks to test their capabilities and endurance. Amateur radio operators were deployed at 6 locations – Base and checkpoints A through to E. Bob VK2ZAR and Col VK2ZCZ operated the…
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News 28.10.2018

Last week’s lecture on RADHAZ i.e. Radiation Hazards by Allan VK2EFM was most informative. It started with the basics of electromagnetic radiation e.g. the E-field (electric) and the H-field (magnetic) at 90 degrees to it. Basic calculations were shown, such as volts/metre from the E-field and amps/metre from the H-field. Did you know that it…
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News 21.10.2018

There will be a Working Bee at the Club rooms next Saturday 27th October to spruce the place up, and all are invited. A report on yesterday’s technical lecture will appear next week. All meetings of the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club are held at the club rooms in Dandaloo St, Kariong, just past the…
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CCARC Wyong Field Day 2018

  Club President, Bob VK2AOR: The WFD 2018 is over now and a big thank you to all who helped out and participated on the day. Special thanks to Glenn VK2GEM who worked tirelessly to get exhibitors and traders to attend, get their forms in and pay when needed. His planning of the car parks,…
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2017 Christmas Party

  Lecture Co-Coordinator, Karen VK2AKB: On Saturday 9th December, CCARC & WICEN CNC members, XYLs & guests, gathered at the CCARC Clubrooms Kariong to celebrate Christmas 2017. We had a great group of 24 people, including WICEN guests Ros VK2FROS and Raffy VK2RF. Dave VK2FDWY provided entertainment by playing the guitar with some lyrics sung…
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VK2ZCO’s lecture: “Climate change on a scientific basis”

Climate Change? A prickly subject for sure, with everyone having differing ideas and opinions.  Col, VK2ZCO, brought to light the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide, since then the industrial revolution and more. Backed up by scientific studies and graphs his lecture was interesting and informative. We had 11 people in attendance on the day.