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Category: Lectures

News 23.06.2019

Listeners are reminded that progress is being made on the VK2EHQ packet BBS. There is too much detail to be included here, but it works as it used to, and in a nod to progress it is also available from the Internet. Members will have received full details via the usual channels. However, Peter is…
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News 16.06.2019

Yesterday’s lecture on the GPS was postponed because Dave VK2KFU came down with a case of the serious sniffles and doesn’t want to share it; he hopes to be back in action soon. And in a blast from the past, members may be interested to know that progress is being made on the VK2EHQ packet…
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News 09.06.2019

The Club’s Publicity Officer now has proper email working again, and he thanks members for their forbearance as he grappled with Gmail’s ugly interface. The next Club lecture will be by Dave VK2KFU on the 15th June, on the GPS; if you want to know where you are, why and how, it should not be…
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Surface Mount Soldering

The CCARC was proud to host Graham, VK2GRA’s lecture and practical demonstration of surface mount soldering. During the lecture, excellent information was provided that detailed many crucial characteristics of solder, and the importance of soldering techniques and stress concentrations in solder joints. After Graham’s delivery of theory, he provided a practical demonstration of surface mount…
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News 26.05.2019

Last week’s lecture was on the theory and practice of surface-mount devices, and the techniques and tools required; some members of the audience with sharp eyes and steady hands practised their skills, with particular attention paid to “vias” i.e. those through-hole thingies. Yes, SMD soldering is easier than you thought. The next lecture will be…
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News 19.05.2019

Details of yesterdays’s lecture on surface mount soldering (and all its fun and games) will appear next week. In the meantime, the Club has gained a somewhat large satellite dish, so visitors can expect to see a new landmark on the horizon soon; further details will appear in later broadcasts, but it is promised that…
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News 12.05.2019

Members are advised that Friday 17th May is ITU Day, so please use the “AX” prefix whenever possible; as the saying goes: “use it, or lose it”. The next lecture will be on Saturday 18th May, on surface mount soldering by Graham VK2GRA; it will involve a demonstration and some practice. Don’t forget that this…
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News 17.03.2019

It is regretted that this month’s CCARC lecture was cancelled as the lecturer could not be present; instead, there was a “show and tell” fest. There were some good points raised by attendees at the Wyong Field Day, but please be aware that it takes an enormous amount of effort to bring this annual event…
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News 10.03.2019

The recent Club business meeting was followed by an analysis of the Field Day, and we’ll report upon the results soon. There were some good points raised by attendees, but please be aware that it takes an enormous amount of effort to bring this annual event to you; as always, volunteers to help run this…
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News 03.03.2019

The Wyong Field Day organized by the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club is now over and the dust has settled; yesterday’s Club business meeting was a dissection of the event, and we hope to report the results next week. We can report that the raffle winners were: 1st prize: Peter VK2APS; second prize: Richard VK2FKRO;…
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