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NEWS 14.11.2021

The club is again open subject to the health order restrictions. On November 20, we will be holding an examination day coinciding with an outing for the rest of us. While D-Star and Rad-Net DMR repeaters are fully functional, the club’s Brand Meister DMR repeater is stillhaving problems. Echolink and IRLP is back on the…
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Another day, Another outdoor adventure!

This time in the New South Wales Dorigo National Park – VKFF-0144. This image was taken at the Crystal Shower Falls 690m ASL~ located approximately 3km into the walking track. Some amazing signals received on the day. Image credit: Brad – VK2NMZ #WWFF #vkff #qrpradio #sota #pota

News 21.03.2021

The club wishes to announce the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club “Mayham” event will be held on Sunday the 30th of May 2021 at Wyong Race Course. For the patrons who have attended the Wyong Field Day for many years, It’s the same event, but with a fresh date and new name. For those are…
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News 01.11.2020

The Clubs held their second successful HF Operating night last Tuesday the 27th of October. The Club would like to thank Adrian VK2ABS, Ryan VK2FRTS, Myles VK2ASS, Jaye VK2FOMG and Brad VK2NMZ for attending with the next evening to be planned an announced soon. The Clubs next planned outdoor adventure will be held on Saturday…
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News 25.10.2020

The Clubs would like to remind its members that a HF Operating night is being held this coming Tuesday the 27th of October. Doors open from around 5:30 with a 6:00 PM Kick off. If you are interested in attending on the night, please contact the club directly. The Clubs next planned outdoor adventure will…
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Kincumba Mountain Reserve Outing

Wow! What an incredible day we had out at Kincumba Mountain Reserve. A huge thank you to all those who came along and made the day a success! Lots of laughs, banter and multiple jota contacts with some vk3 and vk4 stations operating with local scout and club groups. Our surprise fox hunt also raised…
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