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QRPGuys KD1JV CW code trainer build

Following on from the 1940’s straight key refurbishment, it was time to finally build up the small code trainer I have had sitting in my drawer for over 12 months. This little unit is great to practice both sending and receiving CW. The speed is variable from 5 wpm upwards if you can keep up…
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Experimenting with different antenna

Experimenting with different antenna configurations is all a part of being an effective operator. Sure having long wires resonant on every band sitting up incredibly high would be considered the near optimum gold standard. But what if you can’t do that? What if you’re incredibly limited with space available? What if you don’t have a…
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Circa 1940 Morse Training Key restoration

Circa 1940 Morse Training Key restoration The original scope of this project was that I was approached by a local Air League Squadron, as some of the cadets had shown an interested in obtaining their morse code badge and overall wanting to have a better understanding of where it originated from. I was thinking of…
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NEWS 24.04.2022

Mayham is next Sunday! Along with a great range of traders, exhibitors, lectures, car boot sales and examinations for both Australian and US Qualifications; there will also be fox hunts and a Meet & Greet on the Saturday.An MMDVM hotspot will also be on offer as first prize in the fox hunt, which is now…
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NEWS 03.10.2021

With the current government health orders extended, the clubrooms will remain closed for access until furthernotice. This topic was discussed in yesterdays monthly meeting of the club with changes occurring in the healthorder on Monday. The daily morning tea net continues, and the club would like to thank Bob VK2AOR and Dave VK2KFU fortheir amazing…
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That deep dark hole called QRP, Part 2

Chapter 2! In the last chapter I spoke about exploring the concept of portable operations, taking delivery of a Yaesu FT-818, Making use of the 7M Sotabeams mast with a linked Dipole. Natively the FT-818 comes with a 1900mAh Ni-MH internal battery and while you can still run 6 watts, it will run out of…
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Why I bought the IC-705

Hi Everyone, Max here, VK2XOR. Today I’m writing about why I just pre-ordered the IC-705, about a month before it’s due to show up at my local distributor, at the time of this writing. There has been a lot of buzz and excitement about IC-705 in the lead-up to its release. However, I feel that…
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