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Category: Raspberry Pi

Show and Tell Saturday

An initiative was started to try and make the club rooms not look as deserted as they have been lately thanks to the pandemic. Show & Tell Saturday – Scheduled for the last Saturday of each month will be open for members and visitors to bring along any items of interest to show, display and…
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NEWS 06.03.2022

Next weekend, the club will be hosting training and examinations. As such we will be looking at an outing of some description. On the 19th of February there will be a special general meeting to consider changes to standing orders. Details have been emailed to members. Please make yourselves familiar with them. Mayham is scheduled…
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Repeater maintenance adventures at VK2RAG

Earlier this month our repeater team observed some anomalies with the MMDVM based repeater Our team suspected there was something going on with the Arduino powered repeater control module. Lindsay VK2AMV and Brad VK2NMZ took a field trip to the repeater site (and ensured they maintained 200mhz apart). First thing was to check the configuration…
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News 08.03.2020

The Club recently received a large number of electronic components and wish to thank Alex & Margaret of the Tumbi Umbi area. The club is now swimming in a sea of Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes and an assortment of solenoids. Next Friday the 13th of March, the Club’s VK2RAG repeater will be relaying an international Space…
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