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Show and Tell Saturday

An initiative was started to try and make the club rooms not look as deserted as they have been lately thanks to the pandemic. Show & Tell Saturday – Scheduled for the last Saturday of each month will be open for members and visitors to bring along any items of interest to show, display and…
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NEWS 30.04.2022

Mayham is Tomorrow! Fox hunts and the meet and greet happened today.Pre-sales at the Rose St gate start at 8am and gates open at 8:30. Remember that if you pre-purchase yourentry online, you get to skip the queues.For the raffle terms and conditions and much more information on Mayham, including how to pre-pay entry to…
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NEWS 24.04.2022

Mayham is next Sunday! Along with a great range of traders, exhibitors, lectures, car boot sales and examinations for both Australian and US Qualifications; there will also be fox hunts and a Meet & Greet on the Saturday.An MMDVM hotspot will also be on offer as first prize in the fox hunt, which is now…
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Deployment of ham radio HuskySat-1 CubeSat expected soon

NASA report the Cygnus resupply ship currently docked at the International Space Station is expected to leave at 9:35 a.m. EST on Friday, January 31 Cygnus should then raise its orbit to approximately 500 km, where HuskySat-1 and SwampSat will be deployed. After deployment, HuskySat-1’s 1200 bps BPSK beacon on 435.800 MHz should be active…
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CAMSAT CAS-6 satellite will be launched soon

CAMST’s amateur radio payload CAS-6 piggybacked on a technology test satellite TIANQIN-1 will be launched at 3:21 UTC on December 20, 2019 at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center of China using a CZ-4B launch vehicle The primary payload of this launch is China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite CBERS-4A. Satellite Name: CAS-6/TIANQIN-1 Orbit: • Orbit type :…
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