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Category: St Albans

News 08.09.2019

Last month’s Shahzada 400km Horse Enduro held to its promise of all four seasons in one day, and sometimes all at once, but it is not known whether the infamous “St. Albans Fade” took place (wherein it is not possible to communicate with Base until the rising sun burns off the mist). Several members took…
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News 01.09.2019

News from the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club At the Annual General Meeting on 17th August the following Committee positions were elected unanimously; President: Jaye VK2FOMG, Vice-President: Brad VK2NMZ, Secretary: Mark VK2CCR, Treasurer: Dave VK2DLS. The Club would like to thank outgoing president Myles VK2ASS for his dedicated work over the past 12 months; the…
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St Albans One Day Ride

October 2018 saw participating CCARC and WICEN members attend the St Albans One Day Ride event. This event runs horses through 10, 20 and 40-kilometre tracks to test their capabilities and endurance. Amateur radio operators were deployed at 6 locations – Base and checkpoints A through to E. Bob VK2ZAR and Col VK2ZCZ operated the…
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