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CCARC Christmas Party 2020

CCARC Christmas Party 2020

What an incredible turnout once again for the 2020 CCARC and CC-WICEN Christmas Luncheon.

Karen VK2AKB put on a fabulous feast yet again with a spread of fresh roast veggies, along with a selection of festive favourite meats.

We had a full house with laughs all around, there was even a visit by Rod VK2DOT who dropped by for the first time in near 15 years.

With full belly’s all around it was time for desert, With Cakes and ice cream served by Karen and Coffees and the odd Caramel Latte served by Brad VK2NMZ

All palates were pleased and many left rolling out the door on the day.

After Lunch was finished, CC-WICEN had a small final meeting of 2020 where some members received.

Thank you to all those who attended and I look forward to what 2021 brings us.



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