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CCARC Clubroom closure extended

CCARC Clubroom closure extended

Hello all,

As many of you may have seen in the local Media Outlets, COVID-19 or the Corona Virus as commonly known is beginning to return again.

Multiple spots have been identified within the Greater and Western Sydney areas with 49 current active cases in the past week,

A decision has been made by the clubs executive team to extend the shutdown period of the CCARC rooms until further notice.

This has been a decision that is not taken lightly and many aspects have been taken into consideration and the health and safety of our members is the number one priority.

All face to face club activities including the February business meeting, weekly meet ups, lectures and exams are for now suspended.

This closure does not include essential maintenance and upkeep of the clubs repeater system or facilities.

If you require access to the club rooms for any reason, We ask that you reach out to the clubs executive team where arrangements will be worked on a case by case basis.

The clubs team will fall back to online conference / telephone dial in services for any meetings that are required.

All other lines of communications such as phone, email, radio and mind control are still open as normal and club admin duties will continue.

If you have any queries regarding this (and I encourage if you do), Please reach out to the clubs executive team directly via exec@ccarc.org.au

Thank you for your ongoing support,

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