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ISSUE No 12-23 16th. June 2012

In this Issue:

  1. What a GREAT evening on Friday!
  2. Last chance to be part of an upcoming club event.
  3. Smoke Signals articles.

1. What a GREAT evening on Friday!

Karen is to be thanked for organising the latest lecture night at the club rooms. Brian Clarke’s lecture on Radar before the magnatron was, as expected a very interesting lecture with, as I had hoped  received good input from the floor with memories from people who have worked with the technology during their careers and Graham (VK2GRA) bringing along an actual magnatron. The evening was not just the lecture however this evening started with most members eating pizza together and closed with some nibbles and cakes to celebrate SAM (VK2ZZ)’s seventieth birthday, a surprise to all (I hope I look as good as Sam when I reach that age) “Good on ‘yer” Sam. The turn-out was 23 members, several we have not seen for a while, lets hope we see you all and some others at the lecture nights in coming months or at the Friday project evenings or Saturday meet-ups.

Thanks again to Karen for her wonderful organisational work.


2. Last chance to be part of an upcoming club event.

Next weekend sees the Winter VHF-UHF field day contest where Dave Hardy (VK2JDH), Dave Dickford (VK2JDD) and Col Matten (VK2KTC) will head up the VK2EH/P club team as usual. I am disappointed to hear that no one has contacted the team to take part after my request last week. Come on – you HF guys – it’s time for you to come along and show these VHF guys how a contest should be run! Those of you with organisational and project management skills, come along and look at improvements to help make the contest run smoother (but don’t be surprised if the team has already tried your ideas and are ahead of you). You license holders but non-talkers, here’s a chance to break the nervousness with short simple overs to gain points for the club.

The planned location is where the Satellite watching point was two weeks ago near the truck stop at the old Oak cafe at Peats Ridge. Easy to get to. So come up if you have even an hours time to see what is going on and join in. Please let the guys know that you’ll be coming. You can do this by simply replying to the email that informed you of this CCARC NEWS edition or simply email me at  news-editor at ccarc.org.au and I will forward your emails on to the team.

Lets see how many club members we can russle up to get on-site for the contest. The contest runs from 12 noon Saturday 23rd. June to Sunday 24th. June. It’s possible that the station will only operate for an eight hour period within the 24 hours – which is the main reason that you need to register your interest via email so that you can be informed of the exact details before the event!

If you can’t get on-site – please listen out for VK2EH/P on 6m, 2m, 70cm and possibly 23cm and give the guys a call to give them some points.

3. Smoke signals articles.

You know what – you’re considered self-opinionated if you write articles! No one writes articles now a days do they? It’s not “cool”.

Actually that’s correct, writing articles do share your opinions, whether that’s self-opinionated, well that’s in the mind of the reader. We do want your opinions – others may not agree – GOOD – life is about learning from others opinions (in my opinion).

So come on – If you don’t want yet more of that stuff from  “that POMM”  – write something yourself and send it to Leonie (VK2LCP) via her email address smokesignalseditor at fsparker.com.au. She doesn’t bite!

     ……… Unless she doesn’t get any articles !!!  No seriously – I know several of you have started articles, please put in the last little push and get them finished and sent to Leonie to take your place in club history as a proud contributor to the CCARC Smoke Signals magazine.

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