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ISSUE No 12-26 7th. July 2012

In this Issue:

  1. Go Digital.
  2. CCARC HF Net.
  3. Club event photos.

1. Go Digital.

Some club members may not have realised it however as we now have the PC in the radio operating bench permanently connected to the TS-590S this not only allows simple contest logging but also opens up the world of digital communications with the TS-590S and linear. Software is already installed on the PC to allow digital communications (PSK-31 and many other protocols) RTTY and PC generated CW, all both send and receive. In addition free software can be added to allow the system to communicate using SSTV.

The digital transmission modes allow communications when signals are below the noise level and on very low power. When using these modes with the linear, drive must be backed off to half of the standard setting as these modes have a much higher duty cycle than SSB and also the regulations for the current ACMA test do not allow the operation of these modes at the full 1KW output.


As some of you know, a group of club members have been trying to start up a club net on the HF bands not only to supplement the weekly VK2RAG 2m. one on Wednesday nights run by John VK2FJKH, but also to promote some more club activity on HF. It has already caused the creation of a very novel HF antenna (please see the next edition of Smoke Signals for more details).

After about a month of tests on 80, 40 and 15m at different times in the evening we have had very limited success. Our problem is that those extremely close to each other can communicate but those even a few kilometres away cannot hear each other. Other stations such as in Hornsby can hear all of the stations. We have tried different polarisations and even different antennas. We’ve tried higher and lower power levels all to no avail.

I am told that the CCARC used to run a HF net. Can any of the members give me details of this especially what band and time it was held and how successful (or otherwise) it was? Please email me at  news-editor @ ccarc.org.au – thanks.

 For this set of tests we are going to try one more variable, by moving the time of the net from the evening into the afternoon. So if you are on the central coast on this Sunday, the 8th. of July, please take a listen on 7.093MHz at 15:00 local and if you can hear a central coast station give it a call. Thanks.

3. Club event photos.

I’m still looking for some photos from club activities that we might be able to use as the website banner photo. If you have any you think might be suitable, please email them to me at news-editor @ ccarc.org.au (without the spaces), thanks.


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