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ISSUE No 12-33 22nd. September 2012

In this Issue:

  1.  Plea from the president.
  2.  CCARC “Central Coast Award” resurrected.
  3.  Projects are GO! New projects start this week.

1. Plea from the President – re communications on meeting dates.

A lot of important meetings and events are coming up over the next few months and while these will be announced at the business meetings and in some cases via special announcement emails from the secretary, our primary location for what is happening at the club, that is accessible to the majority of the club members is the Website Calendar.

Ed has been including a reminder at the bottom of each CCARC NEWS of late but I wished to have this stressed more – hence this item in this edition of the news. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE refer to the calendar regularly and always before you plan to go to an event or meeting. If a meeting has to be rescheduled the quickest way we can get out a message is to change the calendar.

As well as contests and JOTA we also have now moved into the critical stage of planning for the Wyong Field Day which we intend to make the biggest and best for the last few years. The planning meetings for this event are crucial and all should try to attend if they are able. The next two are listed below and of course they are also IN THE CALENDAR;

Saturday 27th. October – 1pm Wyong 2013 planning meeting at the club rooms preceded by a BBQ.

Saturday 24th. November – 10am – Ticket making for the Field Day – 12 Noon BBQ – 1pm Wyong 2013 planning meeting.

If these dates / times have to be changed for any reason, they will be updated in THE CLUB’S WEBSITE CALENDAR.

2. CCARC Central Coast award resurrected.

To celebrate 55 years of the CCARC I will be running a competition until the end of 2012 where stations contacting any of the three CCARC Club stations can accumulate points to win a certificate which will be awarded at the Wyong Field Day in front of the largest gathering of Radio Amateurs in Australia. Entry is open to both members and non-members and various multipliers apply especially for QRP and Foundation class stations.

For full details please go to the contests page (here). I hope to be handing out many certificates in February!    73  Ed VK2ARE – Contests Manager CCARC.

3. Projects are GO!

There has been a good response to the kit building suggestions put forward and some kits have already been successfully completed by the “guinea pigs”. Construction on others is continuing in the next Project Group meeting, this coming Friday (28th. September) from 7:30pm at the club rooms. Why not come up and take a look at what has been completed and put your name down for one of the proposed projects. It’s good to see the club’s high quality equipment being used to construct some very interesting, if relatively simple kits.


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For what’s coming up in the next few months at the CCARC, please check the club calendar, accessible from the header on any page on the website.


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