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ISSUE No 13-04 27th. January 2013

In this Issue:

  1. Special Field day and Monthly Business Meetings next Saturday.
  2. It’s impossible to resist!
  3. John Moyle Field Day contest.
  4. TS-990S Brochure.
  5. Activity on new club bench.
  6. Broke & fixed.

1. Special Field day and Monthly Business Meetings next Saturday.

Please note in your calendar the IMPORTANCE of next Saturday the 2nd. of February.

At 10:30 we will have the special Field Day meeting where we will be putting the final arrangements in place to ensure this years Wyong Field Day is better than all before it but also to ensure that it runs safely and smoothly. Please make EVERY EFFORT to attend this critical meeting.

Following the FD meeting Bob has agreed to put on one of his BBQs to get your energies up again ready for …

13:00 – the February club Business Meeting. As we had no business meeting in January (as is normal), there are a lot of things to go through in this meeting. PLEASE READ THE DECEMBER MINUTES BEFORE ATTENDING THE MEETING. Those officers who need to present reports, please send them IN ADVANCE in writing (email) to the secretary, so that she can ensure letter perfect inclusion in the next set of minutes.

Ed VK2JI o.b.o. Chris VK2YY

2. It’s impossible to resist!

Sam VK2ZZ has recently bought some resistors and wants to know if anyone needs some.Please contact him via email as faber.sam @ gmail.com or in person at a Friday evening project evening.

Hi Ed,

I bought some resistors if anyone is interested. (link to details).

It works out about 1/2 a cent each. according to the title they are 1 ohm to 10 ohm, but actually according to the table  in the description they are 1 ohm to 10 meg ohm.


3. John Moyle Field day Contest.

Dave VK2JDH is arranging his normal expedition up to Mt. Allyn to activate VK2EH/P on the weekend of March 16/17– please contact Dave via email at vk2jdh @ gmail.com if you wish to assist.

Dave tells me it is about 3.5 hours by road from the Central Coast. He will be going up Friday, camping 2 nights and coming back Sunday after lunch. Everything – food, water, camping gear etc needs to be brought in as there are no facilities there. Ideally you will need a 4WD as there is about 1 hour of dirt road and depending on road maintenance it could be rough.

Dave VK2JDH.

4. TS-990S Brochure.

For those who “must” have the latest and greatest, JVC-Kenwood UK have now released the full brochure on their new top-of-the-line HF+6m 200W transceiver. it can be downloaded in PDF form from here.


5. Activity on new club bench.

A few pictures of a busy Projects Group meeting this Friday, where the new benches (kindly donated by Graham VK2GRA – thanks Graham) were put into use for the first time. How great it is to have room to work !

[nggallery id=11]


6. Broke and fixed.

This week we have a “half fixed” report;

  • The receive module in the VK2RAG 439.950MHz APCO25 repeater died sometime during Friday night or Saturday morning (18th/19th January). Ian has been able to repair the unit’s analogue repeater capability but unfortunately the P25 (digital) side is still giving issues and is currently turned off. Feel free to use the repeater on Analogue and Ian will look into repairing the digital side during the coming week.


Anyone reading this on the website who is not yet a member of the CCARC, please consider joining by emailing ccarc @ ccarc.org.au for full details. We currently have no joining fee and the annual membership fee is A$30.00.

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