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ISSUE No 13-16 28th. April 2013

In this Issue:

  2. GJ2A Ham Song.
  3. RF case for your smartphone.
  4. Broke & fixed.
  5. Reminders.


The John Moyle FD 2013 results are out. VK2EH/P came first in its division (Multi Operator, Phone only, VHF Bands)


Editors note: Well done Dave VK2JDH, Col VK2KCM and families for this great effort – I thought 2nd in division last year was good, but you bettered it this year!

2. GJ2A Ham Song.

Here’s a bit of fun from the Jersey Contest group, in the style of  “My old mans a dustman…”:


Are there any budding musos in the CCARC who can create a song about Amateur Radio in Australia – Humor required. Are there any talented members on any (musical) instrument / vocals who might contribute? I believe Dayton Hamvention has the “Spurious Emissions” group – we’d not be looking for that level of complexity. It should be fun – in this case the more “amateur” the performance the better!

Thanks to the Southgate Newsletter for this interesting snippet.

3. RF case for your smartphone.

A few editions ago, we covered a new combined Smart Phone / dual band radio, now an American company has released a case called the DxB to add the RF capabilities to your existing iPhone, Android or Blackberry device.

 The Alianza DxB is the latest device created by the Northern New Jersey, family owned technology company, BriCom Solutions.

The Alianza DxB is a portable rugged two-way radio docking case with an additional battery that turns your smartphone into a fully functional multi-band two-way radio. The DxB is able to communicate and work with all major two-way radio venders.

The patented Alianza DxB is a simple solution to today’s communication needs by combining smartphone data with RF on a single device. This allows you to merge a smartphone and two-way radio into one device with the added benefit of a protective rugged case for your smartphone and eliminating the need for you to carry multiple devices. The multi-band feature enables the two-way radio to communicate across all frequency bands(VHF, UHF, 800Mhz) for seamless interoperability. It also uses your existing smartphones data to extend the communication distance from 25 miles to anywhere in the world using the Radio-Over-IP repeater/gateway feature while supporting all LTE networks. The case provides a waterproof, shock proof, and crush proof casing for your smartphone which will be available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and Blackberry.

The Alianza DxB is a great solution for both individuals and industries looking to carry just one device without sacrificing your two-way communication and data needs. The possibilities are endless to how this divide can be put to use:

  • Ham operators can enjoy the hobby from one device.
  • EMS personnel can dock their iPhone with the DXB and be able to capture patient information on a ePCR while communicating with other rescue personnel all from the same device.
  • A police officer can communicate with headquarters while running a DMV check on a secured VPN connection from his Android Nexus 4 docked with the Alianza DXB.
  • A field worker can check in with his dispatcher while scaning his deliveries.
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How does it work?

The Alianza DXB uses basic RF and encryption concepts to make up its multi-band functions. What makes the DXB different is how we have integrated RF bands with cellular voice and data to create a unified communication device. At the heart of the DXB is its patented components and software, which merges the DXB’s analog RF bands with your smartphones voice and data.

Docking your smartphone to the Alianza DXB and installing the programming app on your smartphone allows you to control the RF Bands. Using the simple User Interface, users can input their operating band, frequency, and scanning options. Once your frequencies are inputted you are ready to start communicating. All voice communications is carried via the RF bands like a traditional walkie-talkie. The DXB software sits silently and doesn’t interrupt your day-to-day smartphone operation. Open it only when you need to make changes or change operating modes. This feature is what makes the DXB unique. For example a hiker can communicate with fellow hikers via walkie-talkie while snapping pictures all from the same device. A security guard can communicate to Headquarters via walkie-talkie while using his phone to capture incident information.

The DXB has its own built-in speaker and mic separate from the docked smartphones. This allows for the best voice quality. DXB also has a removable rechargeable battery used to power your Alianza DXB and provides additional recharge power to your smartphone. The DXB also runs in IP mode, which turns your smartphone into an IP “Push-to-Talk” a.k.a RoIP device. Using your phones data service, you can communicate to other smartphones, straight from the DXB. This is where DXB takes this feature a step further towards a complete interoperable device. The DXB has an internal RoIP gateway, which can listen on both RF bands and your smartphone voice/data. Converting the IP packets to RF transmissions. Allowing your communications via your cellular 3G/4G IP voice to be retransmitted through the RF band. Enabling users on their walkie-talkie to be able to communicate to a user on their smartphone and vice versa. All controlled and routed by Alianza DXB and its components.

For more details refer to their website at http://www.alianzahd.com/


4. Broke & fixed.

No items for Broke & Fixed this week – all CCARC infrastructure is operational.


5. Reminders.

This new section will list items from previous CCARC NEWS that are still current and may need your input:

  1. CCARC-NEWS 13-11 Club Raffle – Digital TV set.
  2. CCARC-NEWS 13-10 New club member sales page open for business.


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