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ISSUE No 13-20 9th. June 2013

In this Issue:

  1. Projects Group Show & Tell.
  2. Increasing WIA membership.
  3. Broke & fixed.
  4. Reminders.

1. Projects group “Show & Tell” evening.

I was disappointed to see such a low turnout on Friday night after members had prepared their projects for display and traveled to the club rooms, some from a reasonable distance. I know some members can’t drive at night, so perhaps those who can, could pick up those who can’t next time? We have these “show & tell” project group meetings about every two months on the first projects meeting of the month.

It was an interesting evening, starting with the continuing saga of my solid state linear amplifier repair and transistor issues.

Jim VK2LC, gave a lecture on the switching and sequencing logic that he had to design and install into his 23cm amplifier to make sure that relays are not switched “live”. Jim also brought the amplifier, his 23cm HT that he uses to drive it, a 23cm power/SWR bridge and dummy load and demonstrated the unit in operation.

Col VK2ZCO, displayed his new two tone oscillator and explained what it is used for in tuning SSB transceivers and the pitfalls to watch out for when choosing frequencies for the two tones.

Here’s a few photos of the evening, so you can see what you missed.

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At the end of the meeting, discussions took place on what should be built next and there is interest into looking at constructing small antennas for QRP portable operation. I have built a couple of these in the last two weeks and intend to test them out on Monday – so more of this at the next projects meeting – next Friday from 19:30 at the club rooms.


2. Increasing WIA membership.

One type of WIA membership that sometimes gets overlooked is the family membership – so if you have a family (or even extended family) member that are interested in Amateur Radio, why not attach them to your WIA full membership. The additional family member costs $30 PA rather than the full $80 – full details are on the WIA website here – http://www.wia.org.au/joinwia/wia/aboutjoin/.


3. Broke & fixed.

No items for Broke & Fixed this week – all CCARC infrastructure is operational.


4. Reminders.

This new section will list items from previous CCARC NEWS that are still current and may need your input:

  1. CCARC membership fees become due from July 1st and have been set at $35 for the coming year.
  2. CCARC-NEWS 13-10 New club member sales page open for business – as stated when set up – if it is found that this service is not needed it will be removed from the web site – we are fast approaching decision time.


Anyone reading this on the website who is not yet a member of the CCARC, please consider joining by emailing ccarc @ ccarc.org.au for full details.

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