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ISSUE No 13-37 25th. October 2013

In this Issue:

  1. EMR Awareness Lecture – TOMORROW!
  2. End of the Kyneton Field Day.
  3. Support your club.
  4. Broke & fixed.
  5. Reminders.

1. EMR Awareness Lecture – TOMORROW!


NOT TO BE MISSED!!  Karen VK2AKB presents at 13:00 “EMR awareness” – a lecture all should attend to know what the ACMA expects of you. (a BBQ precedes this lecture).


2. End of the Kyneton Field Day

As announced in the latest WIA “Amateur Radio” magazine, the “Centre Victoria RadioFest at Kyneton” has had to discontinue due to increased site charges, which the organising committee considered could not be obtained by raising the traders charges and entrance fees.

While the Kyneton rally has caused some conflicts with their choice of date clashing with or being close to the Wyong Field Day date, distracting some VK3 & 5 traders from making the longer journey to NSW and our Field Day, it is a shame to see the event go. They have run the event from 2006 to 2013 (except for 2009). Perhaps they can find a more cost effective location and be back in 2015? In any case, this closure underlines how one increased cost can cause an event to close. Something that we in the CCARC should be very aware of in our current planning for the Field Day in 2014 and future years. Costs will increase, it is up to us to ensure that the Wyong Field Day remains interesting enough to bring people through the gates to pay for it.


3. Support your club.

“Eddie-torial” – pommy rant.

Over the last couple of months, different members of the club have prepared and put on events to benefit the CCARC members. I have been disappointed with the level of support and involvement shown by club members. There will always be some members who cannot attend for various reasons however even taking this into account I feel that the number of members coming along has been embarrassing. Less people appear to be supporting activities than before. This is not an age/fitness problem. If you come along and say thanks for putting something on, that is attending. Even if you don’t actually take part in the event, you are showing your support.

I am afraid if the people in the club who put in their time to arrange these activities will soon feel they are not being acknowledged in their activities, so why should they support another club member or the club executives activities?

Please make the effort and attend as many future club activities as you can.


3. Broke & fixed.

Good news! Ian VK2HK’s investigatory work has paid off and we have Internet connectivity in the Kariong Club rooms again. The problem was fixed by either CCI or Telstra mid week. It appears this was not a problem in the club rooms as originally though but once again a problem at the exchange.

The 23 cm trial repeater is having some teething problems, the receiver has hum, the audio level to the transmitter had to be increased and that audio is now distorted. These points are being followed up with the person who loaned us the unit to see what can be done.

4. Reminders.

This section lists important announcements and possibly items from previous CCARC NEWS editions that are still current and may need your input:

  Education Day – November 9th.

Education and revision day – 9th. November at the CCARC club rooms at Kariong. Assessments for all grades – Foundation, Standard and Advanced contact Chris VK2YY under vk2yychris at gmail.com or via phone on 0482 239 413

Update: we now have 3 candidates that have booked in for the foundation day on Nov 9. Have not heard from any of the scouts at this stage however after JOTA that may change, I will limit numbers to about 8 – Chris VK2YY

VHF/UHF Spring Field Day Saturday November 23rd and Sunday 24th.

It is likely there will be TWO club entries to this event – please contact the club’s contest manager Doug, VK2MDC if you want to take part.

November’s lecture – Electromagnetic compatibility – Saturday November 23rd at 1pm.


Brian, VK2GCE will map out the EMI / EMC / EMR field and then focus on a few things we as radio amateurs can do to reduce EMI, to achieve a modicum of EMC and live more happily. With plumbing, it is always a good plan to fix the source of the leak. With EMR, it is not so easy to fix the source of EMI; so, we need to build good defences. Brian’s presentation will address: bonding, filtering, grounding, phasing, shielding and spacing.

Members sales page

Have you checked the sales page recently? Several items have been sold, but there’s still a bargain or two to be had.

Anyone reading this on the website who is not yet a member of the CCARC, please consider joining by emailing ccarc @ ccarc.org.au for full details.

For what’s coming up in the next few months at the CCARC, please check the club calendar, accessible from the header on any page on the website.

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