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ISSUE No 15-05 13th February 2015

In this Issue:


  1. Upcoming Meetings
  2. Is your Amateur Licence current?
  3. ROAR will launch special callsign at the Wyong Field Day
  4. New Project HF Transceiver Kit
  5. History This Week
  6. Broke & fixed
  7. Reminders



1. Upcoming Meetings



On Saturday the 14th February there will be the Bi-Monthly WICEN Meeting at 1300 hrs.

Also this will be our last weekend before the field day so there is much to prepare.

On Saturday the 21st February there will be final Field Day Meeting at 1200 hrs at Wyong Race Course.



2. Is your Amateur Licence current?


The WIA has advised that currently over 180 Amateur Radio Licences have NOT been renewed.

This may be as a result of ACMA, due to technical problems, not sending out renewal notices during the latter part of 2014.

So please check that your licence is still current and paid.

Licence information may be checked at the ACMA Register



3. ROAR will launch special callsign at the Wyong Field Day


Rotarians of Amateur Radio or ROAR will launch the special callsign VI 110 ROTARY at the Wyong Field Day on the New South Wales Central Coast on Sunday the 22nd of February, and using hopefully a brand new software defined radio.

Source Southgate AR News

Contributed by Ed DD5LP



4. New Project HF Transceiver Kit


Projects Officer Sam VK2ZZ has proposed an excellent new project.  There is an article in Feb 2015 QST magazine on a kit for a portable HF transceiver from YouKits.

The TJ2B 2015 HF SSB CW Handheld Transceiver.


  • Scheduled shipment time: Beginning of Mar. 2015
  • TX:3 Ham band(40m/20m/17m) covering
  • RX:5-25MHz
  • New S meter display on screen
  • CW function (added as so many request)


Sam is asking for expressions of interest for building the kit. Please contact Sam at  faber dot sam at gmail dot com.


See YouKits TJ2B



History This Week


A look back at events that made history this week – compiled by the Summerland Amateur Radio Club of Lismore, NSW

Monday, 8 February, 2015

1720 Edmond Halley was appointed second Astronomer Royal of England.
1752 The Pennsylvania Hospital, the first in America, opened in Philadelphia.
1870 U.S. weather service (later Weather Bureau) was authorized under the direction of the Signal Corps.
1877 First news dispatch was sent using Alex.G.Bell’s new invention, the telephone, in the U.S.
1895 French patent issued for the Cinématographe, a combined motion-picture camera and projector.
1897 F.Braun published in Annalen der Physik und Chemie of his “Braun tube”, the first cathode-ray oscilloscope.
1978 The first “micro on a chip” was patented (Texas Instruments).




No items for Broke & Fixed this week – all CCARC infrastructure is operational.



This section lists important announcements and possibly items from previous CCARC NEWS editions that are still current and may need your input:

If you experience any problems with any of the repeaters not working, please report to Repeater Chairman, Don VK2ZCZ. Do not assume that he already knows about it. As soon as problems are brought to Don’s attention, they will be fixed ASAP.

Jaycar Tuggerah & Erina will give CCARC members a trade discount – approx 10% on purchases over $25. Make sure you ask for it.

Anyone reading this on the website who is not yet a member of the CCARC, please consider joining by emailing ccarc at ccarc dot org dot au for full details.

For submissions to this newsletter from CCARC club members please email the editor news-editor at ccarc dot org dot au

For what’s coming up in the next few months at the CCARC, please check the club calendar, accessible from the header on any page on the website.

Dave VK2DLS … News & Publicity Officer …

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