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ISSUE No 15-13 1st May 2015

In this Issue:


  1. Meetings This Saturday
  2. Lecture for May
  3. May 2015 AR Digital Edition – Now Available
  4. Licence processing suspension for two weeks
  5. History This Week
  6. Broke & fixed
  7. Reminders



1. Meetings This Saturday


Saturday 2nd May 2015, commencing at 1100 hours will be the 2016 Field Day Planning Meeting.

Following at 1315 hours will be the CCARC Business Meeting.



2. Lecture for May


LECTURE by Brian Clarke on ‘Intro to Oscillators’
Sat, 23 May, 13:00 – 15:00

1. What are oscillators
2. How do oscillators work
3. Some well-known, and not so well-known applications
4. Basic requirements
5. Some well-known types of oscillators
6. Do-it-yourself issues
7. Bibliography




3. May 2015 AR Digital Edition – Now Available


Inside this issue…

AR MayTechnical

• The stealth antenna grows wings
• A modelling approach to antenna construction (Part 3)
• Add amplifi er and antenna switching to your Yaesu FT-857/897


• The first DXpedition to Macquarie Island
• ARDF 2015
• Rosebud Kite Festival
• Frank Miller VK5BF: Pioneer radio experimenter in Murray Bridge
• VK0JJJ/mobile marine aboard the ice breaker Aurora Australis


4. Licence processing suspension for two weeks


All apparatus licence processing will be suspended for two weeks from Monday 11 May to Tuesday 26 May, the Australian Communications Authority (ACMA) has advised in correspondence to the WIA. This affects Amateur licences, as they are issued under the apparatus licensing system. If your licence is due for renewal over those two weeks, you need to get in early. 

The ACMA communique further advised that, “If you think your licence will be due for renewal during this period, make sure you finalise payment before the shutdown.” 

In practical terms, it means that, should you want to renew your licence via electronic funds transfer (EFT), the cut-off is on 4 May, a week earlier than the start of the suspension. The cut-off for payment via the online payment gateway is Friday 8 May, the ACMA advised.

Author : Roger Harrison – VK2ZRH

Source WIA



History This Week


A look back at events that made history this week – compiled by the Summerland Amateur Radio Club of Lismore, NSW

Monday, 13 April, 2015

1770 Captain Cook lands at Botany Bay, Australia.
1780 William Herschel discovers first binary star, Xi Ursae Majoris
1789 Mutiny on the “Bounty” occurred, and sailed to Pitcairn Is.
1791 Samuel Morse born, Charlestown, Mass. USA.
1813 Patent for rubber was given to J.F. Hummel of Philadelphia, PA.
1830 First regular steam train passenger service starts
1837 England issues its first stamp, 1 penny Queen Victoria
1849 A telegraph register was patented by Samuel F. B.Morse
1865 SS Sultana exploded, 1450 – 2000 die. Worst in US history.
1878 Phonograph shown for first time at Grand Opera House
1879 Electric arc lights used for the first time — in Cleveland, Ohio.
1880 The first U.S. patent for an electric hearing aid was issued to Francis D. Clarke and M.G. Foster
1884 Lismore’s first phone, Royal Hotel to Post Office.
1904 Hulsemeyer, Germany, patents first ‘radar’ system. Govts not interested.




All Somersby repeaters are back to normal after the big storm. The batteries kept the 146.725 and 438.075 repeaters going during the prolonged blackout.  The Kariong antennas and mast have been damaged and must be repaired.



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