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ISSUE No 15-23 24th July 2015

In this Issue:


  1. Shahzada August 22-28 operators required
  2. ARNSW Trash & Treasure
  3. D-STAR QSO Party 2015
  4. World Digital ATV QSO Party
  5. Aussie balloon record flight ends
  6. History This Week
  7. Broke & fixed
  8. Reminders



1. Shahzada August 22-28 operators required


Enhance your radio experience.
Apply your radio skills to a practical application.
Meet lots of interesting people.
Thoroughly enjoy yourself for a week.

What is this you ask !!!

Shahzada Calls.

A horse ride endurance event.
Last full week of August,  22 to 28th.
Location,  St Albans a small, pleasant and historically beautiful village just past Wisemans Ferry.  A good excuse to camp out for a week.

Radio operators required to pass progress reports and supply emergency comms when necessary.
All under control and coordinated by a base station.

A full 5 days of your time would be appreciated.
Then again, even one day only would be of great help.

Contact Col (vk2zco)  4324 5576  for details.



2. ARNSW Trash & Treasure


The ARNSW Trash & Treasure sale is on at Dural 0930 hrs on Sunday 26th July.




3. D-STAR QSO Party 2015


D-STAR_Party_2015_250x135Icom has announced preliminary details for the 2015 D-STAR QSO Party, an annual contest that promotes the Amateur (Ham) radio hobby around the world through D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio.)

This year’s global event will take place over three days from Friday, September 18 (00:00 UTC) to Sunday, September 20 (24:00 UTC). Official rules and party details for the D-STAR QSO Party 2015 will be available at a later date and posted on the Icom Inc. D-STAR QSO Party microsite.

So far, Icom has made the following announcement about the schedule for the D-STAR QSO party:

• Jul 15, 2015 – Announcement the Outline of the D-STAR QSO Party
• Aug 5, 2015 – Announcement of the Prizes
• Sep 18-20, 2015 – D-STAR QSO Party Time
• Oct 20, 2015 – Due Date for the Log Submission
• Nov 20, 2015 Announcement of the Results

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘The D-STAR QSO Party is not a competition to contact as many callsigns as possible, the goal of the D-STAR QSO PARTY is to communicate with as many D-STAR repeaters as possible throughout the world.‘

D-STAR is an open standard digital communication protocol that delivers clear digital voice and can transmit data such as callsign, short messages and GPS information.

For more information about D-STAR please visit our microsite http://www.d-staruk.co.uk/

Icom UK Marketing: marketing@icomuk.co.uk


Source: Icom



4. World Digital ATV QSO Party


Marking its 5th year, this growing annual event is held in August. Melbourne anchor and organiser, Peter Cossins VK3BFG says that Friday night August 21 will be for VK ATVers, while on Saturday morning – which is Friday night in the US – the world joins in.

The first session on that day is with WR8ATV in Columbus Ohio, followed by the W6ATN network Southern California, and then later the Home Counties ATV group repeater GB5HV in Upper Hale, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Art WA8RMC will be the control in Ohio while Don KE6BXT is in charge at the W6ATN network in Southern California. Peter VK3BFG is available for any station not in reach of the Melbourne/Geelong VK3ATV repeater, to use the Skype name of ‘DATV QSO Party’.

For the World Digital ATV QSO Party it’s suggested to prepare one or two short videos of the shack, antennas, and projects completed or in progress.


Source: Amateur Radio Victoria



5. Aussie balloon record flight ends


After more than 110,800km in the air, starting from Australia the pico balloon PS-46 completed two circumnavigations of the Southern Hemisphere, before descending into the Indian Ocean (July 18), brought down by bad weather. The solar powered balloon carrying an Amateur Radio payload was launched on May 23 by Andy VK3YT, who said: “It was an exciting but also an exhausting eight weeks for many hard-core trackers. “Their perseverance ensured the balloon was tracked almost around the clock. It was hard work, and the little party balloon was becoming part of the daily routine for many of us. 

“Big thank-you to all the new trackers that have come to help, and the veteran trackers that have been hanging around. The trip would not have been possible without you.” There were more than 20 regulars, and many others, who tracked the high altitude flight, of using data on HF in WSPR and JT9, via a 25mW transmitter. 

After leaving Queensland in north-east Australia tracked by VK 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7, it began a third trip around the hemisphere. Throughout the trip the balloon was often heard by Bob ZL2RS of Kerikeri, who is an elevated rural area in New Zealand’s north. It drifted along the jetstream on a more northerly path over the Pacific Ocean to South America entering Peru, Bolivia, then out via Brazil. Reports along the way were from John AK4AT, Virginia, Bill W4HBK, Florida, Pablo OA4AI in Lima, and Jorge LU5VV, Bariloche Argentina. 

The balloon then moved across the Atlantic Ocean to South Africa, first crossing Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, with tracking from John ZS5J, Pravin ZS5LT, Vince ZS6BTY, Jan ZS6VOL, Ken ZS6KN and Jan ZS6BMN. 

Then leaving South Africa near Durban, it headed southeast, and some 7956km from its starting longitude in Australia, where it hit bad weather and was lost. Last to hear the balloon was Vince ZS6BTY from Pretoria. The balloon had been at an altitude of about 9,000 metres, but quickly descended to end in the ocean. The record flight achievement is not the end of it. Andy VK3YT is already planning his next balloon, and the trackers just can’t wait. In a message to all trackers he said: “See you at the next launch.”

Author : Jim Linton – VK3PC


Source: WIA News



History This Week


A look back at events that made history this week – compiled by the Summerland Amateur Radio Club of Lismore, NSW

Monday, 20 July, 2015

1587 First English child born in the New World (Virginia Dare)

1775 Benjamin Franklin becomes first US Postmaster General

1851 Gold was found near present-day Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

1880 First commercial hydroelectric power plant begins, Grand Rapids, Mich.

1897  Marconi’s “Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company” was formed.

1937 Death of Marchese Guglielmo Marconi developer of radio.

1944 First jet fighter used in combat (Messerschmitt 262)

1955 First sub powered by liquid metal cooled reactor launched-Seawolf.

1969 Apollo 11 goes into Moon orbit.

1983 Dick Smith VK2DIK, makes first solo helicopter flight around the world.

1991 Univ. of Manchester scientist announce finding a planet outside of the solar system.




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