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ISSUE No 15-31 25th September 2015

In this Issue:


  1. Education Day
  2. President’s Portable Party!
  3. ARNSW Trash & Treasure
  4. Amateur Qualification Levels
  5. Available Callsigns facility suspended
  6. Broke & fixed
  7. Reminders



1. Education Day

Chris VK2YY, CCARC Education officer, intends to hold licence training and assesments on 24th October at the CCARC club rooms.

This is dependent upon the number of people interested in getting or upgrading their qualifications, so if you’ve thought about, but haven’t done anything about it, now’s the time!

If you know someone who’s interested in getting their license, let them know

This training is done on an “on demand” basis – no demand, no training – no training, no hobby!

Contact Chris, email: vk2yychris at gmail dot com mob: 0428 239 413



2. President’s Portable Party!

Rod VK2LAX, is intending to operate portable this Sunday 27th Sept at Pelican Beach in the Wyrrabalong National Park as part of the WWFF/VKFF National Parks award scheme. (www.wwffaustralia.comwww.parksnpeaks.org ) 40/20/15metres etc. Whatever we can get to work!

This park is located on Wilfred Barrett Drive between Norah Head and The Entrance. There is a short drive to the car park, then a short walk to the beach. So no excuses for those that claim advancing years!

Start time approx 11am ( after the broadcast, or come early and call back from there!)

Bring you portable gear/food/drink etc. we may even be able to talk Bob into a BBQ!

If it’s flogging down, don’t bother, the President will be at home having a cuppa!

Contact Rod email: vk2lax at gmail dot com mob: 0400 045 402



3. ARNSW Trash & Treasure


The ARNSW Trash & Treasure sale is on at Dural 0930 hrs on Sunday 27th September.




4. Amateur Qualification Levels


The WIA and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) are aware of some discussion about the current US Technician amateur qualification, the equivalent Australian qualification and their application to amateur licensing in Australia. 

The WIA has requested the WIA Training Organisation to conduct an assessment of the US Technician qualification and the appropriate level of the comparable Australian qualification. The assessment concluded that the US technical class licence is not at a standard or depth required at the Australian advanced amateur licence level and that it is at a level approximately equivalent to the Australian qualification required for a foundation licence. These conclusions and suggested amendments to a number of legal instruments that clearly clarifies the anomaly have been discussed with ACMA staff. 

ACMA staff have acknowledged the WIA’s position and have undertaken to consider it and communicate further with the WIA about it. ACMA staff have also advised that any changes to the legal instruments would require consultation with the amateur community and would take some time to bring about.

Author : Peter Young – VK3MV

Source: WIA News



5. Available Callsigns facility suspended


The WIA has temporarily suspended the online Available Callsigns facility on the website due to some technical difficulties with the nightly data feed. The facility will remain offline while these technical issues are being resolved.

Author : Roger Harrison – VK2ZRH

Source: WIA News




The Kariong antennas have been damaged and are being repaired.


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