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ISSUE No 15-36 13th November 2015

In this Issue:


  1. Ham GeoTool is now in Google Play Store
  2. dogparkSDR Version 1.01 released
  3. RFinder – The World Wide Repeater Directory now free trial on Android!
  4. Kenwood TS520-SE requires a home
  5. The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award
  6. Broke & fixed
  7. Reminders



1. Ham GeoTool is now in Google Play Store



Portuguese Ham GeoTool App is now Ham GeoTool in Google Play Store and it rapidly escalated to an Iberian version.

A long time ago, Paulo Martins, CS7AGH Secretary of ARLA created an Android application using a free platform (therefore, the random publicity that appears from time to time on the app) so he would be able to have all type of data with him on the go. One of these days, talking on the ARLA Cluster group in Internet, he came with the idea to pick it up again and update it, so it could be used on the scouts JOTA events on 2015.

Therefore, he updated the app and made it public, available on a Google drive share. Now, some updates and changes later, he place it on Google Play store, available to everyone in a easier and safer way.

Just search “Ham GeoTool” on your phone or tablet, you will find it under the Tools category.

This app has the following options at the moment: VHF, UHF, Echolink, D-STAR, Hybrid (both digital and analog), 1.2Ghz, beacons, cross-band, connected repeaters, Sota spots, repeaters currently in project and some PDF files compiled by some ham colleagues, like João Costa, CT1FBFwith his list of all Portuguese repeaters data, source of 80% of the data in the app.

It is frequently updated, so Google Play is the best option. Even if it was designed for Portugal, after some requests it rapidly escalated to an Iberian version. Also, Paulo is even considering open up beta testing to some users, to test new features or layouts, so being finally available in the store is perfect. This was possible thanks to some funding sent to Paulo’s Paypal account. He is trying to get enough funds to remove the advertising so please check it out if you like the app and would like to support it.

The application is very simple to use and it’s based on Google maps services.

When you press one of the options, it shows the repeaters/beacons/ spots with red dots on a map. On the top bar, you can switch between databases, refresh the map or access the options.

You can also turn GPS on (blue arrow in the middle of the screen) and off (GSM/wifi localization – shows an antenna). Pressing one of the red dots, it show some information about the repeater/beacon/spot.

Hope you enjoy it, any comments are welcome at cs7agh “at” sapo “dot” pt

Ham GeoTool is in

Best Regards from,

Portuguese Associação de Radioamadores do Litoral Alentejano

Source: Southgate ARC News



2. dogparkSDR Version 1.01 released


Dog Park Software is pleased to announce that version 1.01 ofdogparkSDR has been released.

dogparkSDR is the first Native Mac client for the Flex Radio Systems Signature series SDR Radios.

What’s in this version:

• RIT/XIT Controls added.
• Added CWX Sidetone.
• Display MacLoggerDX DXCluster spots (Requires MLDX V6).
• Display new audio devices when added or removed.
• Vox added to Shortcuts menu.
• Added Slice frequency lock.
• Added full duplex.
• QSK Delay fixed.
• MacLoggerDX/dogparkSDR port conflict fixed.
• Added binaural receive.
• Save Profiles on Quit improved.

There is a free Demo which can be downloaded from:http://dogparksoftware.com/dogparkSDR.html

Source: Southgate ARC News



3. RFinder – The World Wide Repeater Directory now free trial on Android!


In order to support the proliferation of third party app stores worldwide, we have now released RFinderon Android as trialware!

Just go download it for free on Google Play as well as some of the third party app stores!

Enjoy the world’s most advanced and complete repeater directory for 30 days on us.
Experience the Social Features with APRS, Facebook and Twitter. Try the direct integration with the EchoLink app. Trial is limited to the app on Android only…if you want to download data using web.rfinder.net, routes.rfinder.net, RT Systems or CHIRP, subscribe inside the app and click menu-subscription…or visit http://subscribe.rfinder.net .

RFinder is a steadily growing worldwide repeater directory which has over 50.000 repeaters in over 170 countries.

Annual ~€9 subscription to RFinder provides access to repeater data through its collections of Apps on Android and iPhone, RadioBuddy on iPhone, web, RT Systems and CHIRP radio programmers.

RFinder’s new feature of repeater routing ( http://routes.rfinder.net ) allows finding of repeaters over routes worldwide. 
One subscription, access to repeater data worldwide, from any computing device on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and popular GPS systems. Realtime radio programming on Android and iPhone is provided by the open source RFinderPi, which is based on the Raspberry Pi.

RFinder is tightly integrated with EchoLink both on Android and iPhone, providing one-click connection to repeaters worldwide from the directory!

The RFinder team is excited to release RFinder Android as Trialware  “With the release of RFinder on third party app stores worldwide, we needed to make it so those users could get regular updates. Now they will,” says Bob Greenberg, W2CYK, creator of RFinder – The World Wide Repeater Directory.

 RFinder is the Official Repeater Directory of Radio Amateurs Canada… Canadian Amateurs who subscribe contribute to RAC.
 RFinder is the Official Repeater Directory App of Radio Society of Great Britain… UK Amateurs who subscribe contribute to RSGB.
 RFinder is the Official Repeater Directory of Amateur Radio Society Italia… IT Amateurs who subscribe contribute to ARS Italia.
 RFinder is the Official Repeater Directory of Federación Mexicana de Radioexperimentadores… MX Radioaficionados who subscribe contribute to FMRE.
– RFinder is the Official Repeater Directory of Deutscher Amateur Radio Club…DE Amateurs who subscribe contribute to DARC DE.
– RFinder isEl directorio de repetidor con la base de datos oficial de Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles…ES Amateurs who subscribe contribute to URE ES.
– RFinder devient le répertoire de référence du Réseau de Emetteurs Français.

Subscribe to RFinder by visiting http://subscribe.rfinder.net from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or your Android. Those without an Apple or Android device can subscribe with the link at the bottom ofhttp://subscribe.rfinder.net


Source: Southgate ARC News



4. Kenwood TS520-SE requires a home

I have a Kenwood TS520-SE transceiver approx. 1982 vintage still in original packing with manuals. If any one is interested in giving it a home please phone me.
Rex Mower 0418 438 114 rexfridg@tpg.com.au



5. The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award


All is set for the 5th annual portable activation of Victoria’s National Parks, that starts this Friday the 13th and runs until the following Monday.

The rules are simple for Activators and Chasers. So far nearly 30 National
Parks are registered.

As an added incentive, those who venture into the National Parks and make at least five contacts can register to obtain a free participation certificate.

As a Chaser why not get on air and see how many you can contact?

Keep a watch on the Amateur Radio Victoria website for the latest list of 
dates, times and frequencies for the National Parks – on air Friday 13th 
until Monday 16th November.

Jim Linton VK3PC


Source: Southgate ARC News




The Kariong antennas have been damaged and are being repaired.


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