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ISSUE No 16-02 12th February 2016

In this Issue:


  1. Upcoming Meetings
  2. Free book aimed at young people
  3. IRLP-enabled repeater in Nepal
  4. Reports: First death from meteorite impact recorded in India
  5. Broke & fixed
  6. Reminders



1. Upcoming Meeting



Saturday 13th February 2016, commencing at 1300 hours will be the Bi-Monthly WICEN Meeting.



2. Free book aimed at young people


The push for youth involvement in Amateur Radio continues, this time a new free booklet is available to help prime youngsters on what the hobby has to offer.

The aptly named 40-page publication ‘Alex Discovers Amateur Radio’ comes as a downloadable PDF, with a cartoon style story giving basic information, some history, applications and the relevance in the world today.

At the end of each section is as Multiple Choice Quiz in which the reader is invited to tick the box. It has been peppered with the modern QR-Code which is a barcode for use on mobile devices, and URLs enabling the reader to get more information.

Although written for the British scene its language and style makes it also suitable for use elsewhere including Australia which also has a Foundation Licence.

Downloadable 8.8MB PDF is at:


Source: AR Victoria News



3. IRLP-enabled repeater in Nepal


The 2-metre repeater in Kathmandu Nepal serves those with hand-held transceivers has now been upgraded to become the latest IRLP node with worldwide access.

The repeater, donated through the Radio Mala group and the Bay-Net in California, was installed last year following the massive earthquake in the Himalayas. Bay-Net volunteers helped build, test and ship the repeater system
that is at the Tribhuvan University with the callsign of 9N1SP.

George Zafiropoulos KJ6VU of Bay-Net reports that after testing, the IRLP node has worked well over the last two weeks. The new IRLP connection in Kathmandu has been assigned the Node number 5511.


Source: AR Victoria News



4. Reports: First death from meteorite impact recorded in India


One man is dead and three injured following a reported meteorite strike in India.

Indian media report police officials saying the death was the result of an explosion on university grounds in the Southern town of Vellore that shattered windows and killed the unnamed bus driver.

If confirmed it would be the first recorded death from a meteorite strike.

Photos from the scene show members of a police bomb squad inspecting a hole perhaps three feet in diameter with debris or rubbish scattered.

Police have not found evidence of a bomb blast at the impact site.

The alleged meteorite has been recovered but its size or composition has not yet been revealed.

Local experts have been contacted for comment.

Read The Register story – with links to pictures from the scene – at:

Our thanks to Stephen, G7VFY for spotting this item


Source: Southgate AR News




The Kariong antennas have been damaged and will be repaired.


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