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ISSUE No 16-11 3rd June 2016

In this Issue:

  1. Business Meeting This Saturday
  2. Appointment of WIA Office Bearers for 2016
  3. Australian pico ballooner honoured
  4. ICQPodcast – User review Icom IC-7300 released
  5. Free download of VHF Handbook
  6. First ISS reflection from Europe to North America
  7. Broke & fixed
  8. Reminders


1. Business Meeting This Saturday

The next CCARC Business meeting will be held on Saturday 4th June 2016, commencing at 1300 hours.



2. Appointment of WIA Office Bearers for 2016


Appointment of WIA Office Bearers for 2016
WIA Office Bearers are appointed at the first Board meeting following the Annual General Meeting. That meeting was held on the Sunday morning following the AGM.

The 2016 appointments are as follows:

  President – Phil Wait VK2ASD (unopposed)
  Vice President – Fred Swainston VK3DAC (unopposed)
  Secretary – Jim Linton VK3PC
  Treasurer – Murray Leadbeater (practicing CPA)

The Board would like to thank all those who attended the AGM weekend and helped make it such a successful event. This year we trialled video streaming of the event for those who could not attend Norfolk Island, and from all reports it seems to have gone very well.

We will be placing more information about the AGM and the Open Forum on this website shortly.

I am very please to announce that the next AGM will be held in Adelaide.

Author : Phil Wait – VK2ASD

Source:  WIA News


3. Australian pico ballooner honoured


The Wireless Institute of Australia has recognised the record breaking achievements of Andy Nguyen VK3YT by naming him in its WIA Merit Award program, while one of his pico party-type balloons VK9WI flew at high altitude.

Andy VK3YT was given the WIA Technical Excellence Award for his work with the pico space balloons, including one that circumnavigated the Southern Hemisphere nearly three times.

In the middle of 2015 pico balloon PS-46 floated more than 110,800 km before descending into the Indian Ocean due to bad weather.

Additionally Andy VK3YT while on a working holiday also floated and tracked two solar powered pico balloons that he launched in the USA.

The prestigious WIA Technical Excellence Award was granted amid warm applause by those at the annual general meeting held on Saturday May 28 on Norfolk Island.

Andy VK3YT who was unable to be at the AGM was later very humble in receiving the award for what many see as pioneering work and a new era for small solar powered balloons carrying Amateur Radio payloads.

The PS balloons have sparked a lot on interest among trackers throughout the world, and is known to have given a few radio amateurs a new challenge.

For the occasion the balloon PS-64 was launched that included a greeting message to the WIA AGM using the VK9WI callsign for its tracking telemetry, but it was brought down by poor weather.

However, Andy was ready with a back-up the VK9WI balloon and launched PS-65 that initially headed south to Tasmania, then across to New Zealand and at last report moved southerly toward South America.

Like his recent balloon that latest PS-65 has a 25mW transmitter using WSPR and JT9 on the 30m band.

Jim Linton VK9PC

Source:  Southgate AR News



4. ICQPodcast – User review Icom IC-7300 released


In this episode, Martin M1MRB / W9ICQ is joined by Leslie Butterfield G0CIB, Edmund Spicer M0MNG and Andy Mace M0MUX to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. Colin M6BOY rounds up the news in brief, and this episodes feature is User review of the Icom IC-7300 by Ed Durrant DD5LP

News stories include:-
Elementary School’s SSTV CubeSat ISS Deployment
IARU – Custodian of Operating Standards
Radio Hams Prepare Florida Hurricane Season
Using Amateur Radio to Enhance Engineering Education
Two New Radio’s Seen at Dayton
New South Hampshire D-STAR Repeater
Ham Radio at Scout ‘Camporee’
UK Schools Mass launch of 434 MHz Balloons

The ICQPODCAST can be downloaded from http://www.icqpodcast.com

Source:  Southgate AR News



5. Free download of VHF Handbook


The new version of the VHF Handbook 7.50 covering VHF, UHF and Microwaves is now available for download

The handbook has chapters on Band Planning, Contests, Propagation Research, Operating Procedures and Satellites. Page 116 specifies a standard for the use of circular polarization defining which way helical beam antennas should be threaded.

Recommendations proposed in the Vienna meeting 2016 and approved by the Executive Committee meeting in Brussels as well as all relevant decisions of the IARU R1 Conference 2014 in Varna Bulgaria are included in this version.

The handbook is available at

Source:  Southgate AR News



6. First ISS reflection from Europe to North America


After two weeks of preparation Tim, G4LOH in Helston, Cornwall, England Grid IO70jc and Roger, VE1SKY Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada Grid FN74iu used FSK441 to try a Brendan Quest style reflection off the International Space Station (ISS).

Employing AMSAT satellite software, both stations aimed at the calculated grid HO11nl for a 144.175 MHz QSO attempt with a mutual window of less than 1 minute.

At 12:22 UTC May 2, 2016, VE1SKY copied G4LOH at a distance of 4,441 km. The signal decoded once completely by ‘cursor clicking’ and then partially. This was the first received ISS signal bounce from EU to NA, and the first ‘intentional’ signal by ISS reflection received in any direction across the North or South Atlantic (screenshot is available at QRZ.com/VE1SKY). The reception is being verified as a possible DX record for satellite reflection.

Tim has since been received twice in the much closer GN37 grid by VO1HP using Morse code.

Source:  Southgate AR News




Nothing to report.


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