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ISSUE No 16-16 16th September 2016

In this Issue:

  1. 2017 WFD publicity
  2. International Air Ambulance Week 2016
  3. Enigma Reloaded 2016
  4. The originators of WiFi get further recognition
  5. Broke & fixed
  6. Reminders

1. 2017 WFD publicity


Thanks to Ed DD5LP / VK2JI we now have international publicity for the 2017 Field Day.

“Don Wilbanks included our piece on the 2017 WFD in his news segment in HamNation this week, so that’ll be up to 500,000 people who will see that world-wide!

I knew it was going in the audio ARNewsline podcast last weekend but didn’t expect it to get featured (with some video from a previous years event) in HamNation.

The piece (just in Audio) will also be in the ICQPodcast to be released this coming Sunday evening (that also has quite a large audience of 20,000 amateurs world-wide).

73  Ed DD5LP / VK2JI.”

2. International Air Ambulance Week 2016


You, your club, along with your Local Air Ambulance are invited to take part in the 3rd International Air Ambulance Week 2016, a 9-day Special Event. September 17th – September 25th 2016

The intention of this event will be mainly to help support the donation funded flying medical services around the world, by operating your special event station during at least some of the 9 days during which this event takes place.

The nine days to include two weekends, so everyone can get an opportunity to take part. The date has been set to coincide with the UK’s own fund raising week, simply because the UK has by far the most complete coverage of donation funded medical helicopter services in the world. An additional and equally important aim will be to help the UK’s Association of Air Ambulances, spread the concept of a public donation supported air ambulance service to the rest of the world.

The primary rule is that no radio amateur should accept any donation – donations and offers of funding should only be made directly to which ever service you nominate when you complete the registration form to take part in the event. Registration will be mandatory and all stations taking part will be issued a registration number which will be listed on this website. The registered number needs to be quoted by each station regularly. Included in the list alongside each registered station will be a clickable link enabling those wishing to donate, to donate directly to the charity of the service they wish to support.

By putting on a station you will hopefully help raise awareness of the work these dedicated people do. They need all the support they can get. Towards this end, we would hope and expect that more than one station will support the same Air Ambulance, the more support each one gets, the better. So if you see your local service already listed as being supported by an amateur station, there is no reason why you cannot register your own station in support too. Please get the word out there so they can continue to be there if we need them.

There have been several similar small local events, this will be an attempt to bring things all together as one big well organised event.

The event is primarily intended to help support public donation funded flying medical services, whether part or entirely donation funded, though not restricted entirely to those. The location of the special event station can be any where you choose to set it up – club, home or if you can manage the permissions to do it, a public place. It might be worth enquiring if you can run it from the actual landing field of the service, but I suspect permission would be refused due to the risk of interference with ATC radio.

It is your choice whether you apply for a special event callsign, or simply operate under your own – but as said registration and nominating a particular charity is mandatory. The registration facility will remain open from as soon as the website is formally set up, until the end of the event each year. No costs will be involved in registering or taking part and a free series of Awards will be available for those who support the event as detailed below..

1. An award for having registered and taken part in the event.
2. A Bronze award for having logged a minimum of 5 IAW station.
3. A Silver award for having logged a minimum of 10 IAW station.
4. A Gold award for having logged a minimum of 15 IAW station.
5. Awards for SWL will follow the the above requirements

Claims for the awards will need to be made to the IAW’s Award Manager by de3ear@darc.de) including an excerpt from the log as proof of a valid claim. Claimed awards will then be forwarded ready for the claimant to print, in standard pdf format. More than one award may claimed.

The event’s date has been set to coincide with the UK’s own funding drive week for its own helicopter ambulance services. Almost all of these, around 30 in number, are entirely public donation funded.

The event is intended to commence on the fourth weekend of September annually and is to be run by the same team which operates the well established International Museum Weekends.

Please register your event below





Source:  Southgate AR News

3. Enigma Reloaded 2016


Enigma Reloaded 2016 will be held from September 17th to October 1st

The main goal of the Enigma Event is to promote as much Amateur radio activities as possible all over the world, celebrating the history of the Enigma cipher machine and its crucial role in the outcome of the second World War.

The Enigma Event 2016 will take place in two steps:

From 17th to 30th September 2016. Italian and foreign Amateur radio stations registered as Activator stations will be QRV to enable contacting stations gain their score in the Enigma Award.

On October 1st the final day of the event, the Activator Stations will exchange pre-defined CW messages previously enciphered by a real or emulated Enigma machine.

All details and rules are available on the official website. (in Italian.  If you use Chrome browser, it will offer to translate it for you. – VK2DLS)

Source:  Southgate AR News


4. The originators of WiFi get further recognition


The ground-breaking Australian invention that led the way for global WiFi has been added to a major exhibition that charts human history.

The CSIRO’s 1992 wireless local area network test bed is now in ‘A History of The World’ at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra.

The technology for high-speed wireless data transmission was developed by researchers from CSIRO’s then radiophysics division, and became a commercial success. WiFi is now used in more than five billion devices around the world, including computers, television sets and smartphones.

Like lots of new technology a test bed was showed around the world, it was hard work, including having it described by a major company as a passing fad.

We now communicate via the ubiquitous technology that has changed the way people live, work and play.

Jim Linton VK3PC

Source:  Southgate AR News





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