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ISSUE No 16-20 11th November 2016

In this Issue:

  1. VK2RAG 2M repeater output on very low power
  2. TXfactor
  3. Mills on Air event has first Australian mill
  4. False radio calls on the aircraft band
  5. Broke & fixed
  6. Reminders

The following 2 items are from Bob VK2AOR.

1. VK2RAG 2M repeater output on very low power


As we are a hobby primarily in communications I believe we need to communicate better between our members and this was highlighted this week when our 2m repeater PA stage failed to a very low power.  Most of our regular communications failed because it has the widest coverage and and most members have a 2 meter transceiver of some sort.  We do have other repeaters but it is a very disarranged group of people with various radios and modes but not everyone covers them all nor sufficient for all members be included.

I suggest we activate a Yahoo Group for the club so that we can communicate easily between us all.

I have subscribed to many Yahoo groups and and benefited  on many occasions from information gleaned from these groups.  Once a member of one group it is easy to join other groups.    This would also be an asset as members can retrieve the messages when it suits them .   Each individual member can setup how they receive the message , either each single email or group emails say daily or monthly.   So instead of getting 10 individual message you can elect to receive one email with a number of messages and responses.   This is only for inter club communications as we are not all on the radio at the same time.  There are other mediums such as Facebook.    Personally I don’t like Facebook.

This was highlighted this week with the failure of the PA stage.  It is now running on the 2 watt driver stage.   Thanks to Bob VK2ZAR for checking it out as Don is away on leave till next Monday.   It is working  in close proximity or with high gain antennas, I have heard  John VK2FJKH calling into the repeater but the output is not enough for John to hear my reply.

Source:  Bob VK2AOR

2. TXfactor

TXfactor.   (Google is your friend)   look in Episode List.

TXfactor is produced in the UK and is similar to the US groups running AR news.
Episode 13 is the latest and produced this month and looks at
1. New radios
2. How ducting occurs and where to find it.   They looked at terrestrial weather this episode and will look at space weather next episode.
3.  Radio Caroline,  Those old enough will remember in the 1960’s the BBC controlled all the music played on radio.    Radio Caroline was setup on a ship with a 300ft Antenna and anchored in oceans not controlled by UK but their audience in the UK and played only pop music.  It became very popular and also reached Europe.     It tells more accurately the history of Radio Caroline.    The original transmitters are now setup in another  another ship called” Ross’s Revenge”.   They are 2 x 25Kw Ampliphase transmitters , very interesting.  Amateurs have setup a station as well and the vessel is maintained by volunteers and is a permanent facility moored in an inlet,

Episode 12
1. Russian SDR radio and Win 10 in a box.
2. IC-7300 review
3. How to operate satellites with hand held Arrow antenna and a dual band Yaesu hand held radio.     They also show a new online satellite pointing program so you can pick the satellite and it takes care of all the doppler corrections.     It is provided by AMSAT AR  (Argentina)     They have a satellite which is currently being transferred to amateur use.     The url is  www.amsat.org.ar/pass.htm .

Episode 6   Reviews the National  RSGB Field day.   Could be some good ideas there as we approach the Wyong Field Day.

Hope you all enjoy  the above.

Source:  Bob VK2AOR

3. Mills on Air event has first Australian mill


The Amateur Radio activation of Anderson’s Mill at Smeaton in central Victoria in May has gone through its approval and logistic stages, with a clear go-ahead given by all to the project. The five-storey bluestone flour and oat mill, part of the 19th century gold field region, is on a creek that helped drive its iron water wheel.

The Anderson’s Mill Heritage Weekend in 2017 will have Amateur Radio as part of the festivities. Anderson’s Mill is managed by Parks Victoria with the free public event supported by the Hepburn Shire Council and many others.

The Mills on Air event run by the Denby Dale Radio Club, through the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, has had only European mills up to now, but that is about to change. The Central Goldfields Group VK3BI will be active the Anderson’s Mill on May 13 to 15, using 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m and VHF IRLP and UHF Echolink. Behind this ambitious project are locals Alan and Cheryl Just, and Peter Rafferty VK3CC. Now they invite more mills throughout Australia to join them on air in May.

It is an ideal club or individual project to activate many of the mills throughout Australia.
There is plenty of scope with old mills once used for sugar, wool, cotton, flour, and timber. Is there one near you? The challenge is to join the Mills on Air event in May 2017.


Author : Jim Linton – VK3PC

Source:  WIA News

4. False radio calls on the aircraft band


An item I heard on commercial radio news this week made my ears prick up – as no doubt have many a pilot’s ears!

False radio calls on the aircraft band in the Melbourne Flight area.

I asked WIA’s Jim Linton for more and he has told us that no less than 15 hoax radio calls on AM aeronautical channels have been made in the past weeks at Tullamarine Airport Melbourne, and the Avalon Airport near Geelong.

Here is what happened:

A man pretends to be in a control tower and orders three jets to abort their landing.

Impersonation of a light aircraft with engine trouble putting out a may-day call.

The story has attracted wide media attention across newspapers, television and internet news sites. Melbourne’s Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers ran a story headed “lone-wolf hoaxer”, and unfortunately included a comment that“. . rudimentary amateur VHF radio equipment could be used in such a hoax.”

The media coverage continued that a number of federal government agencies were investigating, but did say there were fears that copycat amateur radio operators might trying the same thing.

Members of various Amateur Radio Facebook sites picked up on the newspaper reports, expressing alarm and concern that Amateur Radio could be implicated in such a negative way.

Some radio amateurs emailed the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) with their concerns.

The Institute understands that amateurs would be justifiably upset about any connection with such dangerous and illegal rogue transmissions. Some have expressed the view that individual radio amateurs should write-in to set the record straight, and that the WIA should make a strong statement to the offending publications.

However, the WIA strongly advises caution about individuals making complaints.

In situations like this, misunderstanding is easily compounded and may make matters worse by re-invigorating the original story from another angle. It is common for the media to focus on the “issue of the moment” in a way that sensationalises matters, which could easily be to our detriment.

Fortunately, the lone-wolf air-traffic radio hoaxer story had a very limited

The WIA is prepared for the story to arise again, and is developing a
considered response to the media to counteract any negative references
to Amateur Radio.

Wireless Institute of Australia

Source:  Southgate AR News




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