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ISSUE No 12-17   5th. May 2012

In this Issue:

  1. The air is full of  RF on the Central Coast this weekend.
  2. Change of night for Project Group meeting.
  3. Learn all about Yagi antennas.

1. The air is full of RF on the Central Coast this weekend.

ATV coverage tests

  Victor VK2BTV is conducting mobile reception tests of the VK2RTG ATV repeater at Kariong this weekend. He has covered the North Wyong area today (Saturday) and moves to the South of the Central Coast tomorrow (Sunday), starting at Woy Woy and then heading North. He is equipped with a simple TV antenna and a 4m mast that he will set up at various points on his journey to measure how well transmissions from the (currently analogue) ATV repeater can be received. If you wish to contact Victor during his tests, his call back frequency is 147.450 FM simplex. Why not give Victor a call when he’s in your area to ask him to check your site (and I’m sure a warm drink and a piece of cake would go down well as well!).


The clubs new ACOM 1000A Linear Amp has arrived and has been “warming up the ether” today (Saturday 5th. May). The linear combined with the tri-bander beam at its increased height has been putting out one of the strongest signals in NSW on 10 metres and thumping it out as well with the OCF dipole on the lower bands. This is a high quality piece of equipment that must be tuned correctly not only to produce the cleanest, strongest signal but also to protect the equipment from damage. Jim VK2LC was giving training to those members present today. Please remember the 1KW PEP output power can only be used on the bands and in one case part of a band, specified by the ACMA in their test conditions. An Advanced licensee must at all times be in control of the station. That does not mean however that Standard and Foundation members cannot operate the linear under supervision from an Advanced call holder. This is another improvement to the clubs radio shack equipment following the addition of the Kenwood TS-590S last year and the ICOM IC-910H VHF/UHF “super-rig” last month.

2. Change of night for Project Group meeting.

It has been decided to move the project group meeting from the current Tuesday evening slot to Friday evenings in between the standard business and lecture evenings. This will mean that the club rooms will be open every Friday evening and every Saturday from now on. This change has been made as currently there is limited activity from the project group, with a couple still finishing off their Genesis SDRs and no new projects started as yet. If project activity increases the meeting can move back to Tuesday or indeed have the Tuesday night as well as the interspersed Friday night meetings.

To be clear, the next Project Group meeting will be next Friday the 11th. of May from 19:30 at the club rooms. There will be no project Group meeting this Tuesday, the 8th. of May.

3. Learn all about Yagi antennas.

Victor features again in this edition of CCARC NEWS as he is giving the lecture this month on the design of Yagi antennas. The lecture will be as usual on the third Friday of the month – hence 18th. May at the club rooms at Kariong starting at 19:30. This promises to be an interesting lecture with lots of questions answered, so come along early to get a good seat.


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