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CCARC Show and Tell 25.02.2023

CCARC Show and Tell 25.02.2023

CCARC held another of our bi-monthly Show and Tell events at our clubhouse on Saturday 25th February 2023.

The event was well attended by both members and visitors. The theme this month was “Your favorite collection”.

Graham kicked it off with something non-radio in the form of his collection of Primus stoves, blowtorches and kerosene lanterns – lots of shiny brass.

Don gave us an interesting look at a 23cm repeater he made and talked about the design, construction and issues he had to overcome. I was impressed how he re-purposed a TAIT PCB to make a 600 Ohm audio interface.

Don went on to show us the companion duplexer he made. This was followed by two repeater controllers which have consumed many hours of work. Don has documented his work to a very high standard.

Glenn showed us part of his Philips radio collection which covered both the FM90 series and PRM80 series and the many model variations. These radios were manufactured in Australia and had a very long production run.

David demonstrated a rare piece of test equipment – an HP Modulation Analyser that analyses frequency over time allowing you to see things such as modulation balance. Very interesting.

Brad was next up to take us through his portable radio go bag. He discussed each item, its purpose and performance. Bands this kit covers extend from 80M to 70cm including satellites.

Sam bought along a unique keyboard switch assembly comprising a ferrite ring magnet that travels over a miniature Reed switch. Never seen that before.

This event was enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks to the presenters and attendees. 

Graham VK2GRA

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