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CCARC Wyong Field Day 2018

CCARC Wyong Field Day 2018


Club President, Bob VK2AOR:

The WFD 2018 is over now and a big thank you to all who helped out and participated on the day. Special thanks to Glenn VK2GEM who worked tirelessly to get exhibitors and traders to attend, get their forms in and pay when needed. His planning of the car parks, entry gates and layout of the event worked very well and most people I spoke to were happy to see it. Thanks also to John for working with his dad Glenn. Thank you to the gate ticket sellers for always smiling. To the ladies who sold the raffle tickets. Sam and the ladies, who looked after the tea and coffee and to the people who just saw something needed to be done and got on with it. Thanks also to the training and assessment teams working Saturday and Sunday, the office workers and money collectors from the gate and raffle table. To Phil for looking after the lectures as MC. The First Aid attendant John Hawes. Right at the moment I can’t think who else but if you have not been mentioned I greatly appreciate all your efforts to make it work.

Secretary, Mark VK2CCR:

Good to see another Wyong Field Day over and done with. Now is the time for some reflection on this, that we may work out ways to improve the experience. I made a lot of observations during the day and can see many areas where improvement and stream lining is badly needed, not just for the field day but the way the club is being run in general, we need to move forward, and this means that just because something may have worked well in the 1990s does not mean it is going to work very well now. The tools and services are available for us to use that could make a huge difference to the club and to events such as the WFD. Organization for the 2019 WFD event needs to start now and all input and feedback needs to be analysed, we can do a lot better and we need to do a lot better.

2017 Field Day Image credit: Peter B Marks from his blog.

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