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Christmas Ham Raffle

Christmas Ham Raffle

Hello friends,

Remember us?

We’re the CCARC. you might remember us from previous raffles such as “Win a Yaesu FT-DX10”, “Win an ICOM IC-9700” and most recently “Win an ICOM IC-7300 and DX Commander Classic antenna”

We are back now with some really cool news and announcements.

TL;DR: 3 Raffles being run from Mid-November onwards with some good toys up for grabs.

Long Version:

A little while ago we sent out a survey for a Christmas Ham Raffle.
Our team put their thinking hats on and have worked with local and international vendors to bring you some great and fancy prizes!

First up, For VK3!
We’ve just had the approval permits arrive which will allow us to run this raffle in your wonderful state!

WA.. not so much for you peeps yet. Sorry!

So! let us get on with the most important news!

What are we doing?!

Well! The club is going to be running three consecutive raffles in quick fire format again in 2-week sprints. (a nice buzz word for our Agile aligned people 😊 )

The First Raffle will be a Brand new SIGLENT SSA3015X Plus Spectrum Analyzer + Tracking Generator, 9kHz~1.5GHz range valued at $1975.

The SIGLENT SSA3015X Plus series spectrum analysers are powerful and flexible tools for RF signal and network analysis. With a frequency range to 1.5 GHz, the analyser delivers reliable automatic measurements and multiple modes of operation: spectrum analyser the base, optional functions include RF power measurement, vector signal modulation analysis, reflection measurement, and EMI test. Applications include broadcast monitoring/evaluation, site surveying, S-parameter measurement, analogue/digital modulation analysis, EMI pre-compliance test, research and development, education, production, and maintenance.

This raffle will run from Thursday 10th November until Thursday 24th of November.

The Second Raffle will be a shiny FlashForge Guider IIS V2 3D Printer and six x1KG rolls of Filament (1x PETG, 1xABS2, 2x PLA, 1x Wood, 1x Carbon Fibre) with a total RRP value of $2,877.70! Wow!

If you have never had an interest in 3D printing and not sure what or where to get started with, this is the one for you. Fully enclosed unit with incredible reviews, for the hobbyist, tinkerer or you just want to print out a constant stream of baby Yoda’s and benchy boats? We won’t judge!

This raffle will run from Friday the 25th of November to Friday 9th of December.
We are sure this one will sell out fast, so you best get in quick.

And the third raffle, The grand Mack-daddy of Christmas Hams.

In the left corner with thanks to RF Solutions in Queensland we have a Rig Expert AA-1500 Antenna analyser. The analyser is designed for measuring SWR (standing wave ratio), return loss, cable loss, as well as other parameters of cable and antenna systems in the range of 100 kHz to 1500 MHz and in the right corner, straight outta Compt….Holly Farm Business Park, UK we have a DX Commander Classic 10-80m Vertical Antenna kit.

You all know what this is.

This antenna is the Classic version of the DX Commander vertical antenna with an extension to 80m.

This antenna comes as a Kit which includes the 10m DX Commander telescopic pole, the aluminium and UHMWPE plate set, all nuts, bolts, washers, fork connectors etc and 200m DX10 Wire on a factory packed roll.

The DX Commander vertical system is based on the same technique as a fan dipole. Effectively a number of elements present themselves to your load and self-select and achieve efficient quarter-wave performance on all bands, according to which quarter-wave elements are installed.

What a great reason to wander away from food comas and Maria Carey singing “all I want for Christmas” than to spend it outside with your loved ones whilst you are building your new antenna and double checking your tuning with your new analyser? So good.
Total Prize pool value of $2,150.

This raffle will be open from Saturday the 10th of December and will close on the 24th of December.

we know this part will probably not be read but anywhos:

The raffles have not been launched yet and the links to purchase the tickets will be made available closer to the date.

This raffle is being made available across NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, TAS, SA, NT with a total of 1000 tickets being made available for each raffle. (Sorry WA our permits say no so far)

This raffle is being held for CENTRAL COAST AMATEUR RADIO CLUB INC 4 Dandaloo Street, Kariong, NSW, 2250.

The draw will be conducted using a RaffleLink System draw process.
Persons under the age of 18 years are unable to enter.

Such Prizes, Many Excite, Wow.

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