4 Dandaloo Street, Kariong NSW 2250
+61 (02) 4340 2500

Club Officers 2018-2019

Below is the current Management Committee of the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club.
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President Myles VK2ASS
Vice President Jaye VK2FOMG
Secretary Mark VK2CCR
Treasurer Dave VK2DLS
Committee member Bob VK2PEP
Committee member Bob VK2ZAR
Committee member Don VK2ZCZ
Committee member Ian VK2HK
Committee member Mark VK2MP
Committee member Victor VK2BTV
Committee member
Committee member
Committee member
Committee member
Sub Committee Chairpersons
Amateur Television Victor VK2BTV
Callbacks  Bob  VK2PEP
Contests Manager Mark VK2CCR
Deceased Estate Rod VK2ARJ
Digital Facilitator Ian VK2HK
Field Day Mark VK2CCR
HF activity reports
JOTA coordinator
Key Master & security Bob VK2PEP
Lecture Coordinator Karen VK2AKB
Library Myles VK2ASS
Newsletter Editor Dave VK2DLS
Project & Development Mark VK2CCR
Property Officer Bob VK2PEP
Publicity Dave VK2KFU
Repeater Don VK2ZCZ
Smoke Signals Karen VK2AKB
Station Officer Steve VK2SKC
Webmaster Henrick VK2FTDR
WICEN Liaison Bob VK2ZAR