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Attention all members, as I am sure you are all well aware the COVID-19 or the Corona virus as commonly called is currently running rampant throughout society causing major disruptions economically and socially, for how long this goes on for and how bad it may get is any one’s guess, I honestly have no idea.

Since we have many members that regularly visit the club house that do have some other health issues or like my self they maybe be caring for someone who does have health issues I think it best to minimize contact for now, I am also expecting very low attendance.

I with the rest of the exec have decided to lock down the club until further notice, all club activities including the April business meeting, weekly meet ups, lectures and exams are for now cancelled.

This does not include essential maintenance and upkeep on the repeater system, I think it would be in every ones best interest to keep that running as smoothly as we can manage.

All other lines of communications such as phone, email, radio and mind control are still open as normal and club admin duties will continue, at least for now the disease can not be transmitted over radio or ethernet.

Other clubs of all types have also cancelled events and meetings and it is a legal requirement, at least for crown land managers, for any gathering of 500 or more to be cancelled.

This applies to CCARC activities only and not WICEN, since WICEN is an emergency service that is up to Glenn vk2gem to decide.

On the bright side this is a good time to be an amateur radio operator and I expect to see the bands a bit busier with more people staying home.

Stay safe everyone.


Mark Tate


Secretary CCARC

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