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feeling happy

feeling happy

Reposting this because we are proud as Heck, like REALLY proud.

A story from one of the largest Australian Amateur Radio based Facebook groups group by Craig VK3CRG for our Club member Adrian – VK2ABS.

“Last night I was turning around the 40m band and there were one or two conversations happening, but not much about.

For the first time in ages, I decided to try calling CQ. For some reason over recent years, I’ve found myself tuning around, find not many there, and turn off the radio.

I set my IC-7300 to call “CQDX” repeatedly on 40m and after about 10 mins of calling, a young bloke, 14yo gave me a call from NSW.

It wasn’t “DX” but I didn’t mind. Turns out he was a new Foundation Licensee VK2ABS Adrian.

Today is his 14th birthday, and we chatted for about 20 mins.

A polite, clever, articulate young man, new to the hobby, he’s exactly the sort we need to keep the hobby alive for the decades to come.

Wish I’d got my license at 14! Brimming with enthusiasm he wanted to send me a QSL card, so we going to send each other a QSL card and I’ll also send him a Yaesu Ham Radio Map to adorn his wall and welcome him to the hobby.

He told me he got into the hobby as he is “fascinated with analogue television and how it works”. He was sad that he’d missed the era of analogue TV.

That made me feel old! What a credit to his parents and how he’s been brought up he is.

Then on the end of that conversation, I put out another “CQDX” call, and immediately found myself in a 30 min chat with a guy from Michigan, USA. Greg W8GP.

I’m only running 100w, IC-7300 into a G5RV 8m off the ground and he could hear me ⅝. I thought no one was around and never expected someone from the US to respond.

He was great to chat to and was fascinated with the photo of my ute on my QRZ page as he’s into classic cars. Trying to explain Australia’s love affair with Utes was an odd position to myself in on Amateur Radio.

He finished the conversation to break for breakfast at his end and went off to learn about HSV Utes online.

Then, just as I was about to switch off, a chat with Gary VK6VKS in Perth for 30 mins, 5/9 at both ends, chatting about all sorts of stuff. I’ve got into the habit of tuning around, listening and then switching off, but I’m not going to do that so much anymore.

I forgot just how good it is to get into a conversation with someone you don’t know and how much you can learn and how good our hobby actually is.

Just because the band is quiet, doesn’t mean no one is out there. Not so much “tuning, listening, and switching off” from me anymore now.

Put out a CQ call, it’s like fishing…it may take a while to get a bite, but you never know who’ll come back 🙂 Just a thought. Happy Easter everyone!

Craig VK3CRG – Geelong”

-Brad VK2NMZ
Vice President CCARC

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