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final raffle of the year

final raffle of the year

Hello everybody,

It is time to start thinking about our final raffle of the year.

We think a theme of “Christmas Ham” is appropriate being that it will be run towards the end of the year and a word play on our hobby.

In saying that, we’d like to open to suggestions of what would you like to see in our Christmas Ham Raffle?

Our teams are working with the applicable gaming / lottery agencies to try and have VK3 / VK6 in this round.
We would really love to include, but there is an incredible amount of red tape involved. No promises.

Many people already have radios falling off their desks, but what about bench / test equipment?

Do you have a quality antenna analyser?
Soldering / desoldering / rework station?
Digital Oscilloscope?
Quality Multimeter?
Spectrum Analyser / Tracking Generator?
A High-Quality headset to drown out all the background noise, let you work that DX station in the noise floor?

What about a 3d Printer to allow you the capability to make up some bespoke items? Think of that circuit board you built 5 years ago that is dangling around, wouldn’t it be great to have a case for it?

The responses from this form will be collated and discussed with the committee going forward for the next steps and your input would be greatly appreciated.

We invite you to complete a short 3 question survey.

CCARC Christmas Ham raffle survey

Be creative,



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