4 Dandaloo Street, Kariong NSW 2250
+61 (02) 4340 2500

Information for Hams visiting the Central Coast

Members of the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club are happy to provide a local amateur radio resource while you visit the Central Coast. If you want to visit, you can find a Google Map view of the clubhouse, or going to our contact page.

The club operates several repeaters, including 2m and 70cm, 23cm, P25, D-STAR and IRLP. Anyone is welcome to put out a call over our repeaters. There is usually someone listening and the repeaters have a wide coverage.  You can obtain more information about our repeater system by visiting our repeater page here.

In Australia, visitors with a valid amateur license are allowed to operate inside Australia by using their normal call sign, followed by “portable VK2” (or other state). If you are an overseas visitor staying in Australia for more than 90 days, you need a reciprocal apparatus license from our governing body, the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority). For more information on these requirements, band restrictions, license conditions and guidelines, visit the ACMA website here.

Be certain that you understand the privilege differences between your home country and Australia before transmitting.

You are welcome to visit our clubhouse in Kariong on Saturday mornings. To find our location, see the Google Map below.