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Introducing the next generation of Amateur Radio!

Introducing the next generation of Amateur Radio!

Here we have our Club Vice President Brad VK2NMZ with Angus who is 9 years old,

Today Brad operated portable from QF56HG in the Blue Mountains area.

Angus was curious to what Amateur Radio is and how it worked.

Angus was keen to speak on air after watching how Brad operated.

Angus spoke with Alex VK3JX some 1000km away on 10 watts through a centre fed dipole 11m up in the air.

It sparked curiousity and had Angus frantically spinning the VFO trying to find another station to talk too.

Unfortunately, before this could happen, it was time to pack up.

Well done Angus for picking up the microphone without any hesitation, and well done to Brad for sitting down and taking the time to show Angus how it all worked.

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