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IRLP / EchoLink Hello World!

IRLP / EchoLink Hello World!

Hello World!

As you may (or may not) be aware, the CCARC repeater crew have been working hard behind the scenes to bring IRLP and Echolink functionality to the local 2 Meter repeater.

The VHF IRLP  Room #6060 is now working and is accessible worldwide.

The UHF IRLP will continue to be worked on and we expect this to be rolled out soon.

But wait there’s more!

Our own Echolink node! Yes! It’s happened!

Simply search Echolink for “VK2RAG-R” or node #7060. The audio does need some tweaking but it’s almost there!

This setup current allows 5 concurrent connections at any one time.

Remember, if you are no longer using the node, It is good practice to disconnect from the active reflector…

We are currently finalising the configuration for a conference server which will allow multiple connections.

The configuration allows for either IRLP or Echolink to be utilised ay any one time.

Unfortunately not both. Yet,

If you’re interested in a crash course of “Operating Echolink / IRLP for Dummies”, send us a message and we will help where we can 😊

We look forward to opening this up for our Thursday evening nets and finally be able to speak with our international friends.

Thanks again!



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