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John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2020

John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2020

This is Denis Johnstone VK4AE contest manager for Australia’s John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2020 with a reminder that the contest will be held from 0100 UTC on Saturday 21st March to UTC 0059 Sunday 22nd March 2020.

This week I will discuss the suggestions heard from some club stations that they should operate as a portable station from their club premises. Actually, this not permitted under the rules for a club station to operate as a multi-operator station at home.

The weather this summer continues to be less than friendly, but that does not mean that the effort should not be made ” particularly by club stations and set up a portable station at the local park or sportsground ” with appropriate approvals if needed from the local authorities.

The concept of a field day station is to set up and operate a station under less than ideal conditions.

Why should not a single operator station (or a club station) set up as a portable/mobile station in the carpark near the local parts supplier?
Consider the advertising potential for Amateur Radio in attracting interested others is worth far more than the potential of creating a winning score in this contest.

Next, the concept of using a fully computer system for a field day is to me an anathema to the spirit of the contest. The idea behind the contest is for providing practice at operating a portable station in less than ideal conditions, not simply amassing a Home Station high score.
Further, if allowed, the WSJT modes would provide a decidedly unfair advantage for those so equipped. So, the following year many stations would then be using this system. This would fully exclude the rest of the operators in the contest.

I leave you with those thoughts.

Thanks for listening

Denis Johnstone VK4AE

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