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Meteor-M2-2 satellite ‘struck by micrometeoroid

Meteor-M2-2 satellite ‘struck by micrometeoroid

Dan Maloney KC1DJT writes on Hackaday that the Meteor-M2-2 weather satellite may have been hit by a chunk of rock and radio amateur Dmitry Pashkov R4UAB was among the first to notice

“The textbook operations of Meteor-M 2-2 wouldn’t last long, though, and as is often the case, an amateur radio operator was among the first to notice.

Dmitry Pashkov R4UAB, a satellite monitoring fan, had been capturing images from weather satellites for years. But when he tried to find Meteor-M 2-2 on December 18, 2019, all he got was dead air.
It seemed like the satellite was gone, and once he announced his findings, it wasn’t long before other satellite watchers pieced together a story, one that would eventually be confirmed by Roscosmos, the Russian space agency.”

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