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Mini DX Expedition on 12/05/23

Mini DX Expedition on 12/05/23

On the 12th of May,
VK2GRA (Graham) and VK2FRTS (Ryan) started at Girakool Picnic Area SW of Kariong, NSW, Australia on a “Mini Dx Expedition”.

It was a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies and not a whisper of wind around as we set off from the Picnic Area.

Not far down the track VK2FRTS was unlucky crossing the creek and slipped on the rock and his shoes got an early shower.

Some beautiful Scenery and Views was had along we way as we made our way up and down valley’s and across a suspension bridge across the river to our first destination which is a “Rock Shelf” directly across from the Gosford District Rifle Club on the next mountain (Mount Kariong).

We setup the Squid Pole Antenna on a Telescopic Antenna Mast and started dialling around 15,40 & 80 Meter Bands.
After hearing nothing.. We finally heard the Traveler’s Net and decided to check in to see if we were being heard. (Plus we are travellers too technically.. Pedestrian Mobile…. We were getting to Harvey Bay so knew everything was working good.

After getting that contact we decided to tune around 40m and ended up talking to a guy in Mudgee which was 5+9 coming thru but a 3+4 going to him.
We had some lunch as well and we packed up and headed back on the track towards Wondabyne Station.
Up a few more hills and onto the Rifle Range Firetrail and we started to head down hill towards Wondabyne.

Along the way we happen to see a Baby Brown Snake on the edge of the Firetrail getting some much needed sun to warm up. We gave him a wide berth and let him go on his way without disturbing him too much.

Once we started to see water, we knew we were close to the station and the
end of our Mini DX Expedition.

A 15min wait for the next train was enough time to rest and have some food and water.

We made it back to civilization and thoroughly enjoyed the challenging 11Km walk the plant life birds and scenery along the way.

VK2FRTS Ryan, VK2GRA Graham

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