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New – Islands of Australia Award

New – Islands of Australia Award

The WIA DX Awards Program (Link) is pleased to announce a new award, the “Islands of Australia Award”, will be available shortly.

This award recognises contacts with Amateur Radio stations on any of the 56 qualifying Islands of Australia.

The WIA Islands Of Australia Award is an award which compliments the RSGB/IOTA Ltd Program. The WIA wholeheartedly endorses this Program and hopes this award will encourage members to extend their “IOTA chasing” skills and achievements, and apply for further RSGB/IOTA world-wide awards.

The Islands of Australia Award also recognises high-achievers with Endorsements, Honour Roll (50 or more Australian islands) and Excellence (all 56 Australian islands).

The new award also features a Most Wanted list, which allows activators to target the rarest VK islands for their next DXpedition.

The award certificate features Coochiemudlo Island, part of OC-137, a small island in Moreton Bay, near Brisbane in VK4. The European explorer Matthew Flinders landed on Coochiemudlo Island on 19 July 1799, while he was searching for a river in the southern part of Moreton Bay. The name “Coochiemudlo” is an anglicised version of the Aboriginal Yuggera words kutchi (meaning red) and mudlo (meaning stone).

By participating in the online WIA DX Awards Program, you will have the opportunity to obtain your own personalised “Islands of Australia Award” certificate, or any one of the other 12 certificates and over 300 endorsements.

To assist the Awards Committee correctly define the award criteria for the Islands of Australia Award, we would appreciate it if any award chasers (after ensuring their logs contain the correct IOTA reference numbers) could upload these QSO’s in the next couple of weeks, even if they have previously uploaded these QSO’s for DXCC awards.

A further announcement will be made once the new award is “live” on the WIA awards system.

Graham Alston – VK3GA WIA Awards Manager, on behalf of the WIA Awards Committee

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