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News 21.10.2018

Central Coast Amateur Radio Club

News 21.10.2018

There will be a Working Bee at the Club rooms next Saturday 27th October to spruce the place up, and all are invited.
A report on yesterday’s technical lecture will appear next week.
All meetings of the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club are held at the club rooms in Dandaloo St, Kariong, just past the fire station at 1pm, preceded by the famous sausage sizzle run by Steve VK2SKC, starting at noon.
The club rooms are accessible by bus, with a stop just opposite Dandaloo St, serviced by the route 34 bus from Gosford railway station every hour. The Club rooms are usually open from 10.30 every Saturday, for general chit-chat and access to the Club workshop and library.
The Club relays VK2WI News broadcasts every Sunday morning and evening. Callbacks are taken after the morning news only, on the Somersby 6m and 2m repeaters VK2RAG on 53.725 and 146.725 MHz respectively; please note that both repeaters require the standard sub-audible tone of 91.5 Hz.
The Club also runs a mixed-mode repeater VK2RAG on 439.950 MHz, which is connected to the P25 network; the 91.5 Hz tone is required for analogue access, and is highly recommended for receiving (unless you like hearing digital noise).
There is a net held every Thursday on the 2m repeater VK2RAG on 146.725, starting at 8pm; all members are encouraged to join (especially if Club news for the ARNSW broadcast is involved). The Club also has a Facebook page: just look for “centralcoastarc”. There is also a Twitter account on @ccarclub

More information about the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club can be found on the web site www.ccarc.org.au
— Dave VK2KFU, Publicity Officer, Central Coast Amateur Radio Club

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