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NEWS 21.11.2021

NEWS 21.11.2021

The club is again open subject to the health order restrictions.

Yesterday the club held an examination day. We wish the candidates all the best.
Next Saturday will be a “Show and Tell Day”. Bring along your projects to talk about them, whether they be
finished or not.

At the Somersby repeater site, the D-Star, Rad-Net DMR and 2m Echolink services are fully functional. Brand
Meister DMR and 70cm Echolink and IRLP are still having problems.

Thanks to the efforts and commitment of Bob VK2AOR and Dave VK2KFU, the daily morning tea net continues
on the VK2RAG 2m repeater and echolink,. You will be sure to learn a little piece of history each day.

Adrian VK2ABS, our youngest club member, hosts fortnightly SSTV net on the Club’s 2 Meter WICEN repeater;
147.125 MHz with 91.5 Hz tone. The net consists of 2-3 rounds predominately in Scottie-2 mode. Adrian has had
a large amount of support from other members and would love to see you drop in. The next net is scheduled for
Friday, 3rd of December at 7:30 PM.

Last weeks Thursday night net was run by Alan VK2MG. The topic was “Car Boot Sales and Flea Markets: What
is your best catch?”, with best response being an HF transceiver, power supply, external VFO, 40 and 80 metre
dipoles and baluns for the princely sum of $200. The net is run every Thursday night at 8:00pm on the club’s 2m
VK2RAG repeater – 146.725 with 91.5Hz tone and on echolink in the CCARC conference bridge, linked through
HAM to may other conferences.

The SSTV and Weekly nets are also video streamed live to the club’s Facebook page.

Our I.T. Team are experimenting with a Web SDR that is destined for the Somersby repeater site.
Websdr.ccarc.org.au is currently configured to allow four users to listen on 2 metres with several presets.

You can find out more about the CCARC on the web at www.ccarc.org.au, via telephone on 02 4340 2500, or on
social media by searching for “Central Coast Amateur Radio Club”. Remember to give the club a “like” to follow
for any updates.

73, Alan VK2MG
Publicity Officer, Central Coast Amateur Radio Club.

Summary of Nets

Morning Tea Net
Daily at 10am on VK2RAG 146.725 with 91.5Hz tone and echolink through the CCARCNSW and HAM
Conferences. The net follows the Broadcast on Sundays.

Weekly 2m Net
Thursday night at 8pm on VK2RAG 146.725 with 91.5Hz tone and echolink through the CCARCNSW
and HAM Conferences.

Fortnightly SSTV Net
Every second Friday on the Club’s 2 Meter WICEN repeater 147.125 MHz with 91.5 Hz tone. Next net
on December 3rd.

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